Steve’s Story – The Testosterone Revolution
Steve’s Story – The Testosterone Revolution

Hey mate,

I hope this finds you better than ever.

“I feel pretty bloody good eh!” 

Those were the words Steve* uttered to me when we last trained together. Translated out of very Aussie/Kiwi lingo, that means i feel absolutely freaking awesome.

Let’s rewind a little.

When Steve first came to me, he was an inflamed, puffy, 38 year old corporate executive. An Australian based out of New York, he complained of low energy, a lack of focus, never having seen his six pack (despite 4 days a week in the gym for 14 years) and a meagre at best libido. He also admitted that largely due to his end of the bargain that his relationship with his girlfriend was suffering.

I don’t take personal coaching clients much if at all any more, but I told Steve I was sure I could help him.

Fast forward six weeks later, Steve could see his six pack for the first time, was bounding up stairs with a vigor he never knew he had, and was crushing it at work.

In short, he was feeling pretty bloody good. Eh.

I was feeling pretty good too, since two weeks later Steve sent me an open-ended return first class ticket to New York as a special thank you present.

Was Steve sending me the ticket because he was that grateful for seeing his abs, regaining lost focus, and achieving energy levels he never knew he had?


While those are all great things, Steve bought me the ticket for another reason. Something more profound, and more fundamentally tied to what made Steve feel like a MAN.

You see, the weekend just prior, Steve had taken his girlfriend away for a surprise romantic get away. He wanted some time alone together.

That weekend, Steve DOUBLED his lifetime best for repeat performances in the bedroom.

Doubled. Lifetime sexual performance. Aged 38.

There are few things in the world that can make a guy happier, more confident, or feel more awesome than feeling great about ourselves with our special other in the bedroom.

Steve had had lowish testosterone levels, messed up insulin metabolism, and poor cortisol management.

Now, Steve didn’t.

Bring on the Testosterone Revolution Baby! (Steve’s girlfriend’s words, I quote).

Result, Happy Confident Steve, Happy Girlfriend, and Happy Kiwi with my first class ticket! Whoooopa!

Steve is not alone in what he was suffering. Low to Moderate (and this is low compared to all the fat sick people you see waling around everyday, not low compared to “healthy” folks – scary) testosterone levels are very very common. As are the symptoms.

Understanding and KNOWLEDGE of what to do about it is not so common, which is a shame, as the strategies to turn this state around are solid and simple to implement for any guy.

Fortunately, that is all about to change.

As I write this I am flying to New York to attend a book launch party.

The name of the book is Man 2.0 – Engineering the Alpha.

You can see it here, on Amazon —> Man 2.0 – Engineering the Alpha

Written by two personal friends; author’s John Romaniello and Adam Bornstein, it was written to help men who want to make themselves better.

It is a book largely about hormone optimization (which, to put it bluntly, is the key to fat loss, building muscle, sleeping well, and having awesome nookie) and covers elements of nutrition, training (a full 16 week program) and lifestyle for guys to make that happen.

Many of the components covered are THE EXACT SAME STRATEGIES I used to help Steve.

Improving testosterone from the inside out is a GREAT idea for EVERY guy.

(And ladies, think on whether you would like to see any of the following happen for the man in your life.)

Improve testosterone levels and you are looking at direct improvements in




Immune Function


Fat Loss

Gaining muscle

Sexual confidence, sexual drive and sexual performance

Are all up for the taking, and all done naturally, from the inside out (the best way to do it), with the strategies revealed in this book.

click here —> Man 2.0 – Engineering the Alpha – on Amazon

More than just testosterone (no guesses as to what my favorite hormone is) – Roman and Adam also cover optimization strategies for growth hormone, leptin, ghrelin, and insulin management.

I will add that Roman would typically structure and sell a 16 week training program off his website for well north of $50, the book includes that program in full and the book is only $20.

Getting that program for $20 would be a recommendation from me any day of the week.

Getting the hormone optimization strategies down would be very hard to put a real price tag against.

A first class thank you ticket perhaps?

click here —> Man 2.0 – Engineering the Alpha – on Amazon 

Not surprisingly, I highly recommend you get this book, gents, and for your gents, ladies.

And if you are going to be at the book launch party in NYC tomorrow night, please make sure you say gidday!

“100% Focus on Happiness” 

That is my mantra, and it starts with phenomenal health.


Chris “the Kiwi”


ps. no affiliate links were used. I recommend this book purely because

1. i like it and recommend you get it if you are a GUY or for your GUY

2. I know and like Roman and would vouch for him in a heartbeat

3. I know and like Adam and would vouch for him in a heartbeat.


pps.  *Steve’s name changed at his request

Man 2.0 – Let’s bring on the revolution! 

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    Chris- Johns book says avoid soy– does AG have soy? Says it has leitchins? Help,

    • Anonymous

      Hey mate,

      I agree with Roman on avoiding soy. AG has a VERY high spec lecithin, (not to be confused with the food emulsifying grade of lecithin) which is standardized for phophatidyl serine, choline, and inositol. All of which are very good things. There are none of the problem “soy” proteins or phyto estrogens. Buying PS or PC individually in the dose we have here would set you back a cool 100 a month, easy. So, “no” soy, and yes you are good to go! :)
      Hope that helps.
      Chris Ashenden

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