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“100% Focus on Happiness”

THAT is my mantra, and I truly believe it starts with phenomenal health…. but there is more to it than that.
In my capacity as spokesperson for  the company Athletic Greens I write and send a regular newsletter giving my Kiwi Two Cents on topics ranging from health to fat loss to exercise to happiness. Strangely, those are all related. Even more strangely, those newsletters seem to have been well received.

This blog was put together after repeated emails from newsletter recipients for more content, a place where they could reference articles, talk to other people in the community, and generally, requesting more Kiwi Two Cents.

I’ll take it! While most of my posts relate to health, nutrition, exercise, happiness, sun exposure… This blog is mine, and it gives me an excuse to mumble more often, and I can say whatever I want. As such periodically I will wander off topic and cover topics such as travel, tequila, and what it feels like to get publicly slapped in the face by two women in the same evening…. I apologize in advance.

Opinions on this blog are my own, and represent only my thoughts as they relate to what I think and would do personally in any given scenario, based on my personal education and personal experiences in Health and Fitness.

DISCLAIMER 1: I am not a doctor, nor am I a medical practitioner of any shape, form, or variety. NOTHING on this site represents medical advice, nor is intended to treat, cure, or mitigate any disease. N0 matter how much fun any of my ideas relating to diet, exercise, or lifestyle sound, you MUST seek medical advice before making changes to your diet or embarking on any exercise program. Phew!

DISCLAIMER 2: As time goes on I read more and I learn more. Science advances, research comes to light, and my understanding of topics relating to health, nutrition, and exercise changes continually. At any given time, any information and ideas that I present are the information and ideas that I currently believe, but learning and understanding is a process; as such I completely reserve the right to CHANGE MY MIND and point of view at any time, about ANY element or comment on this blog.

Now that that is over, let’s get you cracking. I recommend you sign up to the newsletter opt in form on the top right of this blog. There is some great content I never put up on this blog that is exclusive, you will never miss a post….. and I have an annoying habit of giving away very cool free stuff to people who receive my newsletters.


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