New Fat Loss Pill – (photo credit Greg McMullin)


Hey mate,


I hope this finds you better than ever.


There is a new fat loss pill available, and it will do everything for your fat loss and health that you want it to.


All you have to do …. is swallow it.



I won’t lie, for many people, it is going to be a very bitter pill.





10.30 am, post morning gym rush, cafe in Bondi, Sydney, 2008.


“Mate, it is crazy, these credit card bills and car payments are hammering me, no matter what I try and do, I just can’t seem to get ahead. You know how much I want to start my own studio, but I just can’t save the money to make it happen,” Jake* a personal trainer at Fitness First in Bondi Junction, looked unhappy and upset. Completely ripped, glowing with health and energy, fully booked by happy personal training clients, idolized by the other trainers at his gym as a model of success, yet he was genuinely depressed by his financial situation, which he told me, never seemed to change. He was surviving paycheck to paycheck, and he was not a happy camper. “I really really want to step out on my own and start this studio, but I can’t seem to make it happen. Mate, can you help me?”


Jake, 32, who in his 20’s had gone from a fat diabetic who never exercised to a rippling lean living show of health and vitality – and one of the most sought after trainers in Sydney – looked at me hopefully. Despite having been the fat kid and unhealthy most of his life Jake had turned that all around and was a phenomenal physical specimen. There was nothing he didn’t eat that wasn’t good for him, he trained to perfection, and placed his health at the top of his priorities list.


It showed, it was HIS health, HE OWNED IT.


I glanced at his $300 Italian designer sunglasses (new the previous week), looked over at his shiny late model BMW parked beside the cafe we were sitting in, and considered what I knew of Jake’s earnings, then his lifestyle, spending habits, and all the cool STUFF he thought he owned – and continued to buy – but which really owned him.


I paused, looked at him, and said the most obvious thing that popped into my mind.


“Jake, do you take responsibility for your physical health?”





12.15pm, lunch at a restaurant in Potts Point, Sydney, same day in 2008.



Rita looked up from her pasta, her eyes alive with energy as she finished describing the excitement of opening her latest store. Her FOURTEENTH. “I don’t get sick of it Chris, it is still exciting to me.”


Rita*, 44, mother of three, whose husband had done a runner when she was at the ripe old age of 21, with two kids in hand and a “bun in the oven”.


Rita, “solo mother”, who with no education beyond 10th grade in high school had gone to work at a beauty salon to earn enough to be able to ensure her kids had lunch every day.


Rita, who had scraped and saved and gone on to start her own small beauty salon, and had relentlessly hammered down and fanatically controlled every expense she could, while growing sales and revenues dramatically.


Rita, who had so successfully managed her first store, that she had opened another, and then another.


Rita, who for many years now had had absolutely no concerns about how she was going to pay for her lunch, or her kids lunch, today, or tomorrow, or for the rest of her life, and remained running her businesses simply because it was fun.


Rita who was technically obese, was on medication for her blood pressure, depression and cholesterol, and had asked me to lunch so we could talk about health and exercise.


Rita, whom the last time we met, had broken down crying in the business mentoring group we were in, complaining that no matter what she did or tried, she just couldn’t lose much fat, let alone keep it off, that she was depressed about her weight, and now her health was jeopardizing her ability to play with her first grandchild.


“Chris, I have tried everything! Everything, and everything, and it never works” Rita exclaimed as the conversation moved to health and exercise. “Just what have you tried Rita?” I asked, curious, but already guessing the answer. She continued with a list of diets and exercise regimes she had “tried” – and she had indeed, tried nearly everything.


Her eyes getting emotional as she neared the end of her story about how she tried everything and could never lose fat, I pointedly looked at her plate of pasta. “Yes I know I shouldn’t eat it, but it is just this once, the pasta here is amazing. Anyway Chris, can you help me?”


A long pause.



“Rita, do you take responsibility for your financial position, or is it an accident?”








I don’t remember exactly what day of the week it was, but that day stands out very clearly in my mind – the comparison was so blunt.



As someone who moves around in and has friends in the largely different worlds of health and fitness AND business and investing, there is something that has always, always leaped out at me….



Why are so many health professionals (personal trainers/nutritionists/exercise specialists), lean and healthy, eating well and exercising regularly, earning a good living – yet a complete FINANCIAL MESS, surviving hand to mouth, paycheck to paycheck, and miserable with it?


Why are they almost always so good with their health, yes so very few are also good with their finances?


Why are so many investors and business people, completely and adamantly in control of their own financial destiny – yet FAT AND UNHEALTHY and miserable with it?


Why are they almost always so good with their finances, yes so very rarely good with their health?



There is ONE reason, and ONE reason only.



This ties straight back to that FAT LOSS PILL I mentioned earlier. Frequently bitter to swallow, especially when one is getting started…. also known as






Yes, there are a few genetic outliers out there who can eat what they want, do what they want, and stay ripped year round. This is called winning the fat loss genetic lottery (it doesn’t change much in terms of life expectancy for these folks, HEALTH and food quality still reign supreme, if it makes you feel better).


There are also people who win the financial lottery (though very few of them stay rich).


However, for the absolute majority of people, myself included:


It is EASY to be FAT, UNHEALTHY, lazy, in a boring relationship, or a slave to your next PAYCHECK




It is really HARD to be LEAN, FIT, full of life, in a dynamic relationship, and to control your finances such that you know life won’t fall to pieces if your next paycheck doesn’t arrive



Not hard because it is difficult to do these things, (it is not, once you are doing them) but hard because most people fail to take the necessary step to make it happen.


Quite simply, most people fail to take Responsibility.



IF your health and fitness or fat loss are important to you… THEN


Take Responsibility


…. for your HEALTH and FAT LOSS



If you were to ask Jake how he went from fat and diabetic to so lean and healthy, and how he stays that way, he would look at you very seriously. HIs reply would be something like this;


“I never accidentally ate a meal in my life. Nor did I accidentally go to the gym, accidentally put blackout curtains in my room and start going to bed early, or accidentally stop boozing it up partying four nights a week. It was hard in the beginning to make some of those changes, but I went after it, and now it is second nature to me, and easy. But it was no accident, it was all me, mate.”


Jake takes 100% responsibility for his health and physical fitness outcome. There is nothing he doesn’t eat regularly that isn’t good for him, he trains intelligently, focuses on sleep and sun and planned relaxation.


He takes responsibility for his health, it shows.


It is HIS health, HE OWNS IT.


There will be no doubt or hesitation. No ambiguity. He will be very very clear.


Ask Jake if his current physical state of being is his responsibility, and he will answer, in his very Aussie twang (just hold your nose and talk like Crocodile Dundee): “You better F****** believe it mate!”


His finances are another matter. Ask him about his monthly expenditures on new clothes and toys for his house, how many meals he has out each day, how he pays for ALL those things, how much he spends on rent on his amazing condo and lease payments on his flash new car – and he squirms and gets uncomfortable, and most of what you will hear is exactly what I heard back from him…..  “Yes, but…”



Kiwi Two Cents: great work on taking responsibility for the health and fitness, but when it comes to the financial situation – complete horseshit.





IF your financial dreams and having more time and financial freedom are important to you…. THEN



Take Responsibility


….. for your Financial Position



Sit down and talk to Rita about her amazing rags to riches story, ask her how she did it, ask her if it was it an accident? Ask her… did she just get lucky?


She will calmly and adamantly tell you how she takes 100% responsibility for the earnings and expenses both in each and every one of her stores, and also for her personal life. She takes responsibility and directly manages EVERY item in her income statement. That she has done so since the day her husband walked out on her and her little children and left her with nothing, that as a result her lifestyle was very very limited at the beginning.


That her current financial position, and her success in opening and running every single one of those stores, in good times and bad, was due to her focus, dedication, perseverance.


HER financial position, she will tell you with absolute clarity; was and is 100% HER responsibility, she OWNS it.


She will tell you that you don’t need to be rich to be in control of your financial position, but that you absolutely need to be in control of your financial position if you would like to change that financial position.



Ask her why her “diets” have all failed, why she is carrying fat that she says she does not want, why if she says her health is important to her yet she has terrible health, and she will squirm and her language will change – just like Jake’s did – from one of clarity and power, to one consisting of a bunch of self defeating psychobabble – “Yes, but…” ” I am trying..” “My friends won’t help me.. “It is not my fault….” “Nothing I try works…” “I will start exercising again next month…”  “Just this exception….”



Kiwi Two Cents: great work on taking responsibility for your financial situation, but when it comes to health and exercise – complete horseshit.



Why so few people who can powerfully take responsibility for one area of their lives cannot do so for other areas of their lives is beyond me. (I should point out that at 24 I was living way beyond my means, and I have been fat multiple times in my life – none of it was an accident).



If Happiness is important to you, THEN


Take Responsibility

…… for your HAPPINESS



There is obviously a lot more to life than health and finances, but whatever it is that you think you will make you happier, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT.



New Fat Loss Pill

also known as

Taking 100% Responsibility for YOUR Body, Health, and Fat Loss




That means that if you want fat loss, more energy, or anything else to do with health and you are currently not getting the results you want –  or worse, you are telling yourself (or anyone else) lies or crap about your situation then you need to start, right now, to:


– Take 100% responsibility for YOUR Diet Compliance


– Take 100% responsibility for YOUR Regular Sun Exposure and Vitamin D levels


– Take 100% responsibility for YOUR Sleep Quality AND Quantity


– Take 100% responsibility for YOUR Stress and Relaxation


– Take 100% responsibility for YOUR Regular Intelligent Exercise



If it is something you say you want, yet you are not doing all of those things, then rather than lying to yourself further, don’t you think it is time you Man/Woman Up, go take responsibility and go make it happen?



It is YOUR health, it is YOUR body, and it is YOUR happiness.


And if you are already taking 100% responsibility for your physical health (power to you!) then take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself if there is some other area in your life that is important to you, but where you are failing to take responsibility.



Take 100% Responsibility; while the first steps may be a little bit tough for some, the changes will astound you. I guarantee it.



Go after it mate!


“100% Focus on Happiness”     


That is my mantra, and it starts with taking RESPONSIBILITY for your health and happiness.






Chris “the Kiwi”


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*Jake – name changed to protect privacy –  I gave him the same advice I got at 24, when I was upside down in credit card and living beyond my means: write down everything he spends for a month (or three), cut up all credit cards, and only live off a set amount of CASH each week, for starters).


*Rita – name also changed to protect privacy

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About the author
Chris 'The Kiwi'
So named because he comes from a little country in the Pacific called New Zealand where a small, fat, quasi-blind, and largely defenseless bird by the name of “Kiwi” is the national animal, and what we are called when we land in other countries. He is focused on using what he can remember from his studies for a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and his cumulative years as a nutritionist and strength coach to help other people enjoy amazing levels of health and energy. He enjoys ticking through his list of life goals and meeting new people.
  • Nala2k4

    My first challenge was to finally quit smoking once and for all time. It took a family member to suddenly drop dead of a massive heart attack to wake me up. It took 2 weeks on the “patch” and I was done!! That was 11 years ago.
    Next challenge will be accomplished by the end of the year, and that is to be debt free, all including my mortgage. Now I’m concentrating on my weight. With the help of AG and the inner strength I know I have from past challenges, I will succeed. You have to have a plan and stick to it. Forgive yourself if you slip, it will happen, but then just get back up and attack it again. Good luck to all!!

  • josie

    A good reminder, a yes, it is a bitter pill. It is surprising to me how disciplined I can be in other areas of my life, but how easily I let that go when it comes to food and drink. This “selectively disciplined” is a bit confusing….

  • Lab

    Great email! I love when people tell the harsh truth straight up. This email should make people want to better themselves. Health wise, I advise ‘Athletic Greens’. It actually doesn’t taste bad compared to the other lines of “Greens”. ‘Athletic Greens generally makes me very happy after drinking my daily dose and last all day. Greatly impressed a tablespoon of greens can bring me out of my depression. I can not thank Chris the “Kiwi” enough!

  • msgirl


    • Delena

      I felt the same for the first 5 or 6 days. The smell of it nearly gagged me alone. I started with a very large glass of water trying to dilute it as much as possible then gagged at how much torture it was to drink that much. Next few times used a much smaller glass and gagged on the powder that did not dissolve all the way. However, after the first week I actually didn’t notice the smell of it as offensive as before and instead of dreading the lifting of that glass and having to down it I actually felt like my body wanted it. Not like I was craving it but like it was just so much easier to anticipate and lift the glass to my mouth! Crazy right! Give it time and you may feel the same way.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you Delena.

        The vast majority of folks either like the taste from the beginning or learn to love it.
        My suggestion. Mix it in a cocktail shaker with a few cubes of ice, extremely thoroughly, then drink it down very quickly.
        This works a treat for those who don’t like the taste much, without having to resort to flavoring it with something

        • jacki brewer

          I have also found that the colder the water is the better…

        • RandyM

          I mix it in OJ or grape juice instead. I use the same volume as recommended for the water. Does that hamper the effects?

  • Laurie

    Great post, and very true. Thank you for your frank, open, and honest share of your thoughts.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Laurie!

      Chris Ashenden

  • Tony D-J

    Chris: Only reason people get angry about this is because they still believe a pill of some compound will shed weight without doing anything else. There is a whole section on this in the book, PRIMARY DOMINO THINKING~ Creating the Life You Want, and it states it well. My favorite quote: “Responsibility is empowering, and the more you have the more you will have what you want.” You keep talking, Chris…people need to hear the truth…it WILL set you free if you are willing and realize that you may not be responsible for what has happened to you so far but you sure as hell are responsible for what happens from now on. PDT and P90X saved my life and I will do pushups with any of you! Tony D-J – 72.

    • Anonymous

      Awesome Tony!

      I 100% agree.

      I am not worried about the grumpy ones that are in fact looking for a magic pill.
      Appreciate you commenting



      Chris Ashenden

  • Mike

    Chris: Good advice. Just one addition; when you point your finger at (insert situation, person, thing, etc.), remember that the remaining fingers are pointing at the person that can actually change it. Taking responsibility is no longer in vogue in this country. Everyone has to be a “winner.” What we have created is whiners instead of winners. Succeeding means trying, and yes, sometimes failing. The real winners get up, dust themselves off, figure out what went wrong, resolve not to repeat it, and go at it again. Thanks for the “pill.”

  • David Christopher Moody

    This is great, seriously! I can’t applaud you enough for writing the truth (and for making the obvious point that so many of us ignore – being successful in one area of our lives but a complete failure in others). Thank you for sharing this – it’s a revelation to my situation and what I need to do to change it.

  • Bushman

    Thanks for posting this. I am in Rita’s position. No financial worries, but I know I need to do more to improve my health. I’m fast approaching 40 and it’s only going to get harder if I don’t change my habits now. I’m working with a trainer 3 times a week but my diet really needs to change.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you.

      I hope you really go after it.


      Chris Ashenden

  • Micheline

    Wow! Did I need this swift kick in the pants. You nailed this right! I am printing this and hanging it on all over my house to remind me to be responsible. I am also emailing this to my daughters, and a girlfriend, whom all suffer from the same inability to be responsible when it comes to ourselves. I am 80 lbs overweight, and need to start being responsible about getting it off.
    Thank you for this pep talk!

    • christhekiwi

      Hey Michelline,

      Thank you. I hope you really, aggressively, go after it. Do that and you will never look back.



  • jerry

    If you need to be motivated it isn’t important to you. Your discomfort you feel is feedback. Your subconscience values are not in line with your goals. Most people don’t know what their values are but they make decisions based on them all the time. This is why many set goals and fail to achieve them or backslide into their old patterns of eating, fitness or financial. If you’re dieting and can’t stand the diet, then you’ll give up or go back to the way you ate before. If you hate the fitness program you’ll give up on it. If you think about what new thing you’ll spend you money on, you’ll never be financially free. It’s all about alignment of values and goals. The frustration you’re feeling is telling you something. Ask why 5 times and discover the truth about your behavior.

  • Lynn Evans

    Brilliant post – and all true. Funny how it is, that at the end of the day, so few of us are willing to recognize that “we are where we want to be, or we would change it”, until someone points out that we’ve been full grown adults for years, and our decisions are clear (when looking at results). Hard to deny that! Two points to your team for this one!

  • Diana

    HAHAHA That IS a bitter pill, OUCH!
    Hey Chris, I think you got your questions mixed up though, shouldn’t you have asked RITA “ do you take responsibility for your physical health?” and JAKE “ do you take responsibility for your financial health?”

    • Anonymous

      Cheers Diana!

      No, the point was that they were taking responsibility for one, with obvious results, but not the other, with equally obvious results :)


  • Tberry

    Taking responsibility! It’s simply the truth. We aren’t on a dress rehearsal. Life is a gift and I have to remember that. Need to take more action on my part…and slowly, but surely, I am making progress. Thanks for being you Chris!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks mate!

  • Kimberly in Washington

    Bravo…this is right on. It’s about having inner discipline and being willing to see the big picture. You are an impressive guy. Congrats on your success…you deserve it.

  • Shaundi

    Struggling. I take reponsibility for my eating habits which have had to be good for a long time. However my body does not take responsibility for me. I started out with crohn’s disease when I was 23 after 1st child. Steroids did a number on me no control over my weight even w/ diet and exercise. 2 nd child at 34 ended up with a host of more auto immune diseases. I am now 38 I just got diagnosed w/ Wegners granulomatitis and RA. I am not going to do anymore meds except for ones I am on now. Just started with athletic greens they seem cool so far. Take other vitamins for deficiencies. Trying my hardest to keep with a steady workout routine no matter how painful. But honestly I must say
    Reponsibility is not all its cracked up to be. Just doing my best to be healthy for my kids for what time I have left. My point is sometimes you get a sess pool instead of gene pool. Good luck everybody.

    what time I have left. Sometimes

    • Anonymous

      Hey Shaundi, that is a pretty pessimistic outlook. Sorry, but you really need to wake up and realize you are hardly out of options. Please google “paleo diet and crohn’s” “paleo diet and rheumatoid arthritis” and go after it aggressively. You can also skip all that and try my Food for Fat Loss approach (which accommodates all the recommended dietary protocols) for 60 or 90 days with NO exceptions. I think you will find that you feel just fine at the end of the 90 days, but you won’t know until you go after it. Please go after it!

  • Rhondahillnolan


    Doing 30 day program.

    Can I eat mushrooms? carrots? stevia? any marinade (suggestions welcomed.?) avocados?

    Have no hunger. Hard to digest meat. (eggs OK). Can I take betaine hydrochloride to digest meat? (been a problem my whole life.)

    olive oil, cider vinegar dressing OK in small amounts?
    any salt restrictions? I use Celtic salt.

    Very very thirsty all the time. Normal?

    ALSO need your url for your website to order BAAAs. Link from your kind reply of earlier this week not working.

    Thank you


    • Anonymous

      Hey mate,

      Mushrooms – yes
      Carrots – yes but don’t go crazy
      Stevia – and all sweeteners, would prefer you used this period to reset your taste buds away from sweet things.
      Avocados – yes but don’t go crazy

      Betaine HCl a great idea for you, keep at it and don’t be afraid to bring dosing right up (we may do a version of this product eventually)
      Olive oil – yes in small doses
      Apple cider vinegar – no problems
      No salt restrictions but don’t go crazy, and consider that you are thirsty all the time. So I would recommend you try bringing your salt intake down by 75pc for a week or two and see how you go.
      Drink a LOT more water, limit caffeine big time. Try adding an extra 1-2 liters per day to whatever you are doing now.
      Also, rather than sipping all day, try gulping it down, then going without for a period, then gulping, etc. Since you may have some hormone disregulation with regards to thirst (though I doubt it).
      BCAAs, that strange. Try



  • Maria

    Great trick Chris! Thank you for the pill allegory, it reminded me that real change never comes from the outside…

  • Ockie52

    sometimes hearing the truth sucks! It’s so much easier to be lazy and miserable. Perhaps it’s fear of success.

  • Kevin

    Thank yyou for the gentle …well not so gentle “kick” in the pamts!!!

    New to you and your site!

    Love it!


  • Jeanne Z.

    I so agree with what you are telling us in this article. I have recently taken responsibility for my life. I ended a bad relationship that was causing me health problems. I have also been eating healthy and exercising at least four times a week. I have seen a huge change in not only my outer body but my inner body as well. My attitude has changed from “Poor Me” to Good for Me”. I am so focused on all the positive changes in my life.

  • Pedro D

    Hi Chris — this is my first post to you. I have been faithfully taking Athletic Greens for about 8-10 months and recently added the Omega-3 capsules and feel really great from your products. My food intake, however, is another story. I’m 61, about 5’10” with a “big build” and have been obese nearly all my life, even getting up to 350 pounds. I have been fairly active the last 10 years — go to the gym about three times a week for an hour of aerobics and a little weight training plus I do Kempo karate 2 nights a week. About 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and lost 65 pounds in about 7-8 months, worked out even harder at the gym, and my blood sugar improved so much I was off all medication. Since then, I have fluctuated between 240 and 290 pounds, and my blood sugar has also fluctuated depending on my food intake. You are 100% correct when you say for us to take responsibility for our actions or inactions — no one is holding a gun to my head and making me eat the extra slices of pizza, extra cake, or the extra meal, etc (although sometimes I wish someone was holding a gun to my head to stop me from eating bad food). In the USA, most of us have the privilege (and the curse) of being responsible for our lifestyle and for our success or lack of success. I cannot blame anyone for my poor self-control, but why can I can do the right things and see the obvious benefits during certain times in my life and the rest of the time I totally blow it? Maybe the answer is discipline — the discipline to eat right and exercise, etc., but there is also the discipline to eat wrong, not exercise and engage in other destructive behavior. When I was 350 pounds, I needed to eat a lot to remain at that weight — a type of discipline, but with the wrong results. My question is how can we discipline ourselves to do what is good for us consistently? I am always fighting the battle of the bulge.

    Thanks in advance for your response and insight,

    • Anonymous

      Hey Pedro,

      Thank you for sharing that story. I think a big factor for me is being able to attach a massive “WHY” on a goal where success is going to be dictated by a new set of behaviours. Add in some accountabilty, and with taking full responsibilty and some massive action and you will be up and rocking.
      So I would look for one or more “why”s, (health, being able to play with your kids, energy, social activities, new sports, adventure, happiness, whatever rocks your boat) and then some public accountability to hit your goal.
      Feel free to share it here, and I hope you really, aggressively go after it.
      That means that if you are a zero or 100 type of person, make it zero cheat days and zero deviance for a really long chunk of time.

  • 1stLadyBates

    I wouldn’t be an honest person if I did not respond to your fat loss plan..It is so amazing. I am feeling amazing and in a week people can already tell a difference. I even noticed how quickly I feel full and not needing to stack on too much protein!! I didnt know what I was missing on! Thank you so much Chris. I even got my husband on it and he is making better choices now, too! My whole family is eating better as a result of this. I am so excited to see how quickly I will shed 15lbs in the next few weeks (fingers crossed). I know I can stick to this for life. I am not even craving rice or finding a need to have rice anymore..Living in Japan, rice is like…everything. LOLOL. So to grow up eating rice and looking at it now and easily turning away is a miracle in itself. I am telling you, I just need 20 pounds to lose to reach my fitness goal… and I can already see a difference in a week?! LOL. AMAZING!

  • Suzann

    I live in the fattest city in America, Corpus Christi, Texas. I eat right, exercise and take my atheletic greens, because I do these things I’m a size 4. (not bragging) I’ve been told more than once I’m too skinny but taking your athletic greens and living right is what it takes. I will turn 50 in a couple of weeks and I’m in better health than most 30 year olds. Thanks for the email! Loved it!

  • Becky

    I am a physical therapist and i can’t tell you how may people I get with lower back pain, knee pain, foot pain….etc. who tell me they don’t understand why they hurt. Really? You don’t know, or you won’t admit to yourself you know all your problems are 100% attributed to what you put in your mouth and how log you sit on the couch. I tell them bluntly anymore, because I have gotten tired of skirting around it nicely. 20 years is enough. I am saddened by the health of the country and where we are going. The doctors don’t help, either. “Go to physical therapy, that will help”. No, put down the Twinkie and get off the couch. That is a good start.
    Sorry, Rant over…..

    • Anonymous

      GREAT rant!

      I am with you mate, I no longer sugar coat it anymore either. To be honest, I much prefer it this way, and I have found the people worth speaking to again come back, usually quite a bit leaner. Thanks for posting.

  • Sven


    What a refresher. Love the advice and reminder. I am struggling to build my financial world up. And learnin that its essential and important to take responsibility for the results that I have accomplished up until this point. And saying that I want something when I am not takin action to change what I am currently doing to bring the results that I have – very good reminding me responsibility is the place to start. Accountability is the second step. Appreciate it brother!!


    • Anonymous

      Thanks Sven! Appreciate the feedback mate. Responsibility (and then taking action) is key. I hope you go after it! :)

  • Sara

    Amazin post. Few people have the nerve to say what really needs to be set. I started taking responsibility for my health in mid February, and will start on my finances today. Thanks for the straight talk.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Sara, I like it

  • Fnpwellness

    Thank you, Chris, for the wake up call. Every pound of fat I have is there because I made excuses: I’m 60, it’s hormones, it’s hard to lose wt after 50, etc, etc. I’m going to write down everything I put in my mouth for the next 30 days and remember that being overweight is a CHOICE.

    • Anonymous

      Awesome approach mate. Thank you!

  • Jcox5

    Amen, Brother! It made me smile! My body is my temple.

  • Marnettec

    Thanks Chris, What a pep talk. I am adding more each day to my routine, of exercise, sun and sleep. I love the dark room. I slept past sunrise this morning. Changed my dogs diet too, She is looking better too. Thanks for branching out on your own. Thanks for careing enought to give me the bitter pills to wake me up. Down from a 3X to a size 14 now and my short term goal is size 12 by my birth day next month. Love ya.

    • Anonymous

      Wow!! What an awesome comment. Thank you mate, for having the courage to go after to your goals. Great work on your progress and I hope you continue to go after it

  • Angela.

    Thought you had gone mad advising us to take a fat loss pill.. Your cred.went down to zero in the first few seconds of reading – then straight back up to the top of the chart after reading your post.. Loved it.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Angela!

      Appreciate it mate. Will try to hold on to that cred, it is very very important to me

  • Michelle Wanie

    Every little choice we make has a consequence – good or bad. There is no such thing as a quick fix and the sooner we all get that in our heads – more postive progress can be made in every aspect of our lives. It boils down to simplicity and common sense…. so why do most of us need that wake up call? Where and why do most of us get lost along the way… I believe it is fear. Thank you Chris for saying it like it is.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Michelle, appreciate it! I also think it is FEAR. Well said.

      Taking responsibility and then taking ACTION I think are the keys to beating the fear. Thanks for your comment. C

  • Nebettie

    Wow! Bitter indeed, but true, so true. Thanks for the motivator.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Nebettie, bitter indeed, but definitely worth it. Cheers. C

  • Trreor


    Thanks Chris for that kick in the but I needed it .

    • Anonymous

      Cheers Trevor! Let us know what action you took as a result, since that is the key. Appreciate the comment.

  • Sarah Davies


    First time posting, but excellent words that speak to a “whole” life. Love your philosophy and no BS attitude about making changes for the pursuit of something better. Keep up the great work!

    • Anonymous

      Hey Sarah, thank you and welcome! I appreciate you posting and your feedback.

      Onwards and upwards :) Cheers, C

  • Judy

    I didn’t think I was going to initially – but, I LOVE YOU.

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha! Wooohooooo!! Thanks Judy!

  • Garey Simmons

    Right on, right on. Mind state is the foundation. you can exercise and diet all you want but the mind must be engaged, centered, at peace and aligned with true intentions. Mind state trumps all. Authenticity and Integrity with your own dang self be true.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Garey! RESPONSIBILITY is key :)

  • Lucy Calleja

    Well done Chris for your wisdom. Far too frequently our ills are “caused by anything / anyone under the sun”.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Lucy. Appreciate it.

  • Harsh Batra

    Super post Chris. There are many reasons we do what we shouldn’t but justify it subconsciously and it all leads to misjudgments and mistakes. Self-deceit and denial is one of these psychological tendencies which stand out which in your terms means “take responsibility for your shit!” The first step to being happier is to realize that its all upto you and not some tooth-fairy.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Harsh! I like it, your wording rocks. Hope you continue to go after it!

  • Chriscomeau1

    Great post Chris – thanks-!!

    I thought you were going to sell us some pill and was relieved and happy to see you were giving us some inspiring and thoughtful things to think about instead!!

    PS your fat loss plan is working brilliantly…I am loving the results :)

    • Anonymous

      Woohoooo! Go Chris! Proud of you for going after it mate. Thank you for the feedback.

  • Gilbertdebest

    Thanks Chris I needed that!

    • Anonymous

      Cheers Gilbert. Keep us posted with what changes ensue as a result. :)

  • Cliff Harvey

    Nice post Chris – you know that I’ve been in that position (excellent health, strength, condition etc) which only came from taking responsibility for my health, happiness and life purpose after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Also been in the other place of being healthy, happy, strong, fit and functional but letting the finances go! Excellent reminder and call to action my friend.

    • Anonymous

      Cheers Cliff! Great to have you on here mate!

  • farmgirl

    awesome you had the guts to post this- I wish the doctors at the hospital I worked at had the guts to tell this to their patients, many of whom have the problems they have due to their own lifestyle choices, nstead of prescribe a pill and order some tests. I just had a lady 5’2″ 350lbs who did not understand why her back hurt and she was short of breath walking up stairs…umm…really?? Again, love the post… love love love it!!!

    • Anonymous

      Wow!! Thanks Farmgirl!!

  • Luke (Four Hour Body Couple)

    Hey Kiwi, great article mate, I really appreciate the point you’re making here. It makes so much sense, and yet, people seem to have so much difficulty in truly taking the step up and declaring that they own their whole life, and that they are the ones with whom the buck stops.
    Many people have many reasons (stories) about why some part of their life isn’t as they’d like, and very seldom do those stories involve the words ‘I’, or ‘me’. They’re always about some external factor.
    Love where you’re heading with this philosophy, and I hope lots of people get a great deal out of it!

    All the best in health, fitness and happiness,

    • Anonymous

      Hey Luke, thank you mate. Great comment, I agree 100%, very well said.

      All the best right back!



  • Anonymous

    This article is spot on. Personal responsibility and direct consequences are so important for creating an individual that will act on their beliefs. You want it, you work for it! Go Kiwi, your articles rock!

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Thanks Brit!

  • Ray k. Toronto, Canada

    Thanks for the “slap in the face post!”

    I love it. Great words that ring truth. A bitter pill to swallow, but oh, so necessary
    Getting off my butt to head to gym now.

    Taking ownership leads to laser focus. It is not easy, but it does work.

    • Anonymous

      Cheers Ray!

  • Trish

    Awesome post!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Trish! Appreciate it mate.

  • Joshuasster

    Great words of advice, I think unlike mellissa below it is not a way of laser focus/ super control but a way of training the brain to think laterally and pursuing that train of thought in life,. We all have indulgences and weakness but to work on that involves constant thought and recolection from people like Chris above. Above is what keeps your motivation going, you ability to want to listen and help yourself in your lifestyle is what makes you succeed.

    • Anonymous

      Cheers Joshuasster!

  • dcx
    • Anonymous

      Quite happy to disagree on that one :)

  • Matty

    Sweet read mate! I run my own gym as a single father (full time) and find it difficult, but it’s not an excuse I fall victim to. I just have to ‘get it done’ if I want it! I’m about 12% BF (currently leaning out) and working on building some muscularity & strength. I’ve just come out of a messy relationship with a girl who wouldn’t take responsibility for any of the problems we had. That was a big realisation for me to take responsibility for myself and my children. If I don’t, then no one else will! A good mate of mine coins the phrase “Get it Done” with his PT business. I love it and include it in my life where I can! Thanks for the wise words Chris.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Matty. Way to go on the “accountability and get it done approach” – taking action rocks. Appreciate the feedback mate! C

  • Anonymous

    A bitter pill to swallow. Nice title! Thanks Chris =]

    • Anonymous

      Cheers mate!

  • Rohan Thompson

    You couldn’t cram more Aussie in there if you tried.

    • Anonymous

      Hey Rohan, I try and write like I talk. As for the vernacular, they are Kiwi’ism’s surely! It is just the setting was Australia. Agreed, they do make good coffee in Sydney – I haven’t been there in 3 years but I was a fan of Gustos on Hall St. Next time I am back will check out Jed’s. Cheers, C

      • Rohan Thompson

        I know the spot well. My sister and her family live at Bondi Beach, so I’ve wasted more than my fair share of time down there. I’m sure you and rippling abdominals are popular around those parts.

  • Melissa

    The same advice could be given about relationships, work, or anything else you deem critical. The problem I’ve found is that I can focus on one thing to that degree. When I focus on that one thing, it takes focus off the others, and they suffer. They may not fall apart, but they certainly aren’t humming with perfection either. If I tried to put that laser focus/super control on every aspect of my life, not only would I burn out, but I sure as heck wouldn’t have any fun either.

    And less you think that’s an excuse, the only aspect of my life that isn’t utterly delightful is my weight — and guess what I’m laser focused on right now? Utterly delightful, however, in NO WAY means that I’ve reached the pinnacle I could reach if I gave any particular aspect that degree of focus you’re talking about. It means I’ve found a happy stasis.

    • Anonymous

      Hey Melissa,

      I completely agree that this could apply to anything deemed critical. But I do think they can be done simultaneously, I know plenty of friends who are growing their careers and keeping themselves in excellent health while maintain excellent relationships. I am not saying one needs to win an oscar, an olympic gold medal, take a company public, and pop out a healthy baby all in the same year, no one has that much time or energy. But I do think far more people make excuses than take responsibility, and it is really NOT that hard to take responsibility for things that are important to you and make great progress across the board (if not “olympic progress”). It just requires some discipline and for some, a bit of short term discomfort. Eating well and exercising regularly isn’t that hard, and nearly any guy can hit 10-14% body fat, and girl 18-22% bodyfat, with comparative ease and a surprisingly small amount of exercise time. Sounds like you are doing just that, I hope you remember to focus on fat loss and not weight loss, per se, and that you go after it.

      Appreciate the comment!


      • Jo Lynn

        LOL . . .Dude! I ALMOST didn’t read this thinking – ” Oh No! Chris Sold Out? No WAY!”
        Then . . . I was really curious . . . is there really a fat pill? . . .ha ha!
        Just had this discussion with my son about decisions and choices and diseases and addictions . . . I told him I try not to judge but I live by the code of Compassionate Accountability . . . for myself . . . AND others. And Yes! Taking Responsibility!
        Well put . . . well done . . . Great message! Thank you!

        • Anonymous

          Hey Jo Lynn. No sell outs here mate :) Way to go on the conversation with your son. Thank you as always for the support! Cheers, C

    • Twisi

      I think it’s a question of taking an honest look at your life, prioritising the “list of jobs” to be tackled and working through them one by one.

      If a good habit can be established in place of each bad habit, then your beneficial lifestyle should become second nature to you. The hard part is the time & effort to really establish a good habit! Bad habits are just so much easier & give an instant reward, where good habits only seem to pay off long term.

      No-one can be perfect, so if you can get it 90% right 90% of the time you will be fine.

      • Anonymous

        Good point Twisi. I think that ability to separate instant gratification for delayed (but much larger) gratification is what separates the “doing it”s from the “talking about it”s

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