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Life After Food for Fat Loss, Part 1


You did it!  You dominated your 30 (or 60 or 90) days on Food for Fat Loss and now the question reigns…. what next?

Chase PROGRESS. And progress is just that, progress: You don’t have to see the striation in your glutes to be winning your personal war on fat loss (photo credit euskalanato)


You may not realize that there are a lot of very relevant comments on this blog. I do try and answer every question when time permits, and some of them are pretty good detailed answers, if I may say so myself.

So to answer this question of what comes next, I am just going to flesh out the answers I made in a comment on this blog.

Consider it a Q and A, and a call to action for those of you who haven’t gotten off your butt yet!

Let’s play:

zee wrote:

“Chris,? I am doing great on this Food for Fat program. I am seeing great results. Thank You! I am closing in on my final week of the 30days but I still would like to loose about 20lbs more. I know you recommend that we continue doing the same thing until we reach the weight we desire. My question for you is when I reach my goal weight what do I do? Do I still eat meat and veggies only when hungry? Do I start eating healthy snacks between meals? Can I start eating fruits, diary and nuts? Do I get a day to pig out? I just want to be smart about this because I don’t plan to put this weight back on. I like eating healthy and plan to make it a lifestyle. Do you have a book?”

You should note that Zee asked me about 10 questions on this blog, then TOOK MASSIVE ACTION – Go Zee!

Keep reading to get your rules for the next 30 days….

“Hey Zee!!

AWESOME news from you mate I am proud you went after it so well. YES, you have to keep going until you are a lean, happy, super energetic and phenomenally healthy human, and being that way is ingrained in you as part of your lifestyle.

To that end, I recommend you keep going on FFFL pretty much to the letter for at least another 30 days. If you want to have ONE cheat day at the end of the first 30 days, you can do so, but NO GLUTEN at all.

Then I recommend you get back on it. If you have it really figured out in terms of how much meat and veges at each meal, you don’t need to worry about the food order any more, but the food choices and the emphasis on food QUALITY remains.

So you have had your gluten free cheat day on day 30, now for the second 30 days.

YES to protein – you still just eat meat (or any animal protein) and veges when hungry, to satiety. Protein is the king of satiety signaling!

NO to the “healthy” snacks – when you are hungry, you eat a meal. Lets get that appetite signaling working really well

NO to fruit – not in this phase; fructose, a sugar heavily prevalent in fruit, is still a fat loss nemesis (even later, it will be post workout only), and we want to consider your appetite signaling.

YES to reintroducing nuts – yes in this phase if you took them out the first 30, but only a max of SIX per day. If you go over six, the nuts are out for a month (if you have auto-immune issues, or ANY self control issues, I would leave out for another 30 days)

YES to reintroducing seeds – again if you took them out for the first 30, you can reintroduce in this phase. However, go with a very small amount each day, like 10 (yes 10). No more, like the nuts these are condiments only. Remove again if you don’t tolerate them well or have control issues.

YES to dairy on your cheat day

NO to dairy the next 30 days, with the exception of full fat grass-fed butter. You can have dairy on your cheat day on day 30, but the rest of the time, no. Later on you can have a bit of full fat cheese at times, and not even consider it a cheat meal if you tolerate it, but that is in the future. Obviously the answer is NO, even to the butter, if you don’t tolerate it well.

YES to the pig out day – you get ONE cheat day at the end of the first 30, but no gluten. Then, every week, one day a week, ideally post workout, I want you to pig out, really pig out, but ONLY with the FFFL options (I am very fond of thai red curries or korean BBQ’s for these “over feeding days” and ONLY if you are exercising with weights at least 2-3 days per week.


Food is FIRST, but weight training with smart progression ROCKS for accelerating body composition changes: Not just for guys, eh!

For the next 30 days try and up the ante a bit with your training (more weights, less rest between sets, another day’s walking, etc) but leave your food volume roughly where it is now. Don’t go crazy, just maintain some consistent progression.

This with the the odd over feeding day should help ensure that your progress continues.

I hope you keep going after it mate, and keep posting your questions. As long as you are taking action, I am happy to answer, either in the comments or with a blog post.”

To which Zee said

Thank You Chris, I am so encouraged. My husband is going crazy over my body :) I am definitely ready to hit another 30 days. I appreciate the detailed advice. I am happy to get a cheat day. Yes, I have been doing weightlifting twice a week and now I will up the ante on weights and continue with my walks, sprints, zumba and kickboxing. Cheers!”

“Zee, that is so awesome. I would love to share that as some encouragement and inspiration for others. So many are too scared to even take action, and I am very proud of you for attacking it so well.

You deserve the results you are enjoying – love your comment! :)”

No book, yet. I give this stuff to you guys for free.


The underlying principal of this… if you are doing it all right and getting results, don’t CHANGE anything.

If you are NOT getting results, then consider, are you doing it all right? Get back to your reading, and start with this: Start Here

After the first 30 day rules, you should have the hang of it, so you can relax the food order rules, though I suggest you implement them again immediately if things stall or you start getting hungrier more often.

We will continue to keep total INSULIN LOAD on the low side, I will cover more on this in the next post.

Lifetyle. Yes, the key is to make chasing health and happiness a lifestyle, not just a temporary period in your life before going straight back to all the stupid shit that got you fat or unhealthy in the first place.

So go have your intelligent cheat day, then get straight back on the wagon, and GO AFTER IT.

Next post I will cover if and when to start re-introducing carbohydrates, a primer on post-workout nutrition, and when to walk away from the Food for Fat Loss approach.

“100% Focus on Happiness”

That is my mantra, and it starts with phenomenal health.


Chris “the Kiwi”


Question or comment? I would LOVE to hear from you in the comments section below. And while you are here, please click “LIKE” on the button below. Thanks!


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So named because he comes from a little country in the Pacific called New Zealand where a small, fat, quasi-blind, and largely defenseless bird by the name of “Kiwi” is the national animal, and what we are called when we land in other countries. He is focused on using what he can remember from his studies for a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and his cumulative years as a nutritionist and strength coach to help other people enjoy amazing levels of health and energy. He enjoys ticking through his list of life goals and meeting new people.
  • Penelope

    I have been trying this for well over 30 days with no results and I even added the cleansing 30 day program Isabel suggested. Other than stronger finger nails I feel worse and heavier than I have ever been in my life!

    I only eat one meal a day usually at 5pm. I am VERY active for 8 hours a day so I no longer lift weights other than my bells at home and leg weights. In reading that huge article about the 30 day plan again, I am more confused than ever! Sorry. I take the Athletic Greens in the morning along with the cleanse and the fish oil you recommended with the Greens and Vitamin D.

    I guess all the grams and Omega stuff is what is confusing. Is there just some place that can tell me how many pills to take as opposed to grams and the english version of Omega’s. I am really disappointed with all the money I have spent and now after reading the big article on the 30 day plan I may have been doing some things wrong. :{

    • Anonymous


      If you are reading the Food for Fat Loss post and stating that you are doing things differently from that then you are not in fact, trying “this”.

      Here is what I want you to do.

      Go through from christhekiwi.com/start-here/ and read the posts in the Food for Fat Loss series, and the Cortisol post. Read all the questions and comments. Read EVERY post on this blog about fat loss.


      If you have only been eating once per day at 5pm, then have breakfast every day for 30 days or more, and eat when hungry.

      It is not the supplements that are the key, it is the FOOD. Just take 2 omega 3 with each meal.

      Then come back with any questions.

  • Zee

    Chris, I enjoyed reading this and I am happy that I could be a positive example and inspiration to everyone. Thanks again for consistently answering all my questions and being direct with your information. This FFFL has catapult me into a very healthy weight and lifestyle. I know you don’t like the scale because it doesn’t properly measure body fat but the ladies will appreciate I am down from a size 10 to 6. Weight from 170 to 148 and counting. I also took a body test using BOD POD…body fat 28.3%. The test results conclude that I am moderately lean. Thanks to you Chris eating healthy does pay off. I will continue to eat healthy and aspire to see a more tone, lean body and hopefully some abs. I am open to any advice and thanks again for the encouragement. Cheers!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Zee! Way to go. Really hope you keep going after it. You will get there.

  • Jason S

    Hi Chris!

    So I’ve been following FFFL and loving all my meals. My question is, if I’m consistently still eating the same amounts of food at each meal and not changing that, can I switch around my food order. I’m one of those people who love to save the best for last and so I enjoy finishing with my big piece of protein and starting with my veggies.

    If you need more specifics I do IF and usually stick to two meals a day that 95% of the time will be a bag of frozen broccoli or spinach and grass fed beef (average about 450 grams). Thanks in advance for any reply and for, as always, a great post. Can’t wait for the next one.

    -Jason S.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Jason!

      Yes of course. Once you really get the hang of it, you can drop the order.



  • Jason

    Hey Chris,
    Thanks for providing all of the tips, as well as the great AG products! I have a question, mainly regarding post-workout nutrition. I’m already fairly lean, fluctuating between 10-11%ish bodyfat range, and I was able to get below 10% for my 30th birthday this year, for the first time in my life, by following a diet similar to your FFFL plan. I must admit though that I didn’t follow the plan completely. I did focus on eating animal protein and veggies at most meals, except I allowed fruit after weight-lifting workouts (my post workout meal would consist of a grass-fed whey protein shake and 2-3 pieces of fruit), and I allowed myself a “cheat” day in which I ate carbs at every meal that day, but only from un-processed sources like fruit and sweet potatoes. I don’t have any issues digesting dairy, but I omitted it anyway, figuring it couldn’t hurt for fat loss.

    Although I was pretty satisfied with my results, I would still like to get leaner, say around 8% bodyfat (i.e. abs clearly visible when relaxed). Based on my results with a fairly low carb diet, I have a feeling that if I followed your FFFL rules perfectly, I might be able to get to the level of leanness that I want. However, the reason I haven’t tried it is that I’m afraid of possibly losing muscle mass, or more importantly, strength. I work out pretty instensely with weights, focusing on heavy exercises like deadlifts, squats, clean & presses, bench presses, etc. Shortly before I went on my “get lean by 30″ diet, I had reached some personal strength records, and I was able to hold onto most of that strength during my diet while going from over 12% bodyfat to about 9.5% in a little over 3 months. I have never built muscle or strength easily or quickly, so it took years to build up my strength to where it is now. It’s very important to me to at least maintain my muscle/strength, and I’m unwilling to do anything that might jeopordize it. Based on what I’ve read, I’m under the impression that muscles need carbs after heavy/intense training for recovery. So I was wondering if you have any insight on whether this is true, or if it’s a myth? And if it is true to some extent, is it possible to maintain muscle mass and strength while on the FFFL diet by working out a certain way?

    I would greatly appreciate if you could include some comments on a future blog about post-workout carb usage and/or what is the ideal way to weight train while on the FFFL diet.



  • Anonymous

    Hey Chris!!!

    this is GREAT advice….

    I’m actually doing a program similar to yours right now…same in principle and it’s been working for me.

    And, I’m actually going to push through and do 60-90 days myself.

    And, yes, weight training definitely helps and is beneficial to chasing progress.


    • Anonymous

      Thanks mate! Yes highly recommend you go after it for a longer consistent chunk.
      Keep us posted!

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