How To Lose 26 Pounds of FAT in 30 Days
How To Lose 26 Pounds of FAT in 30 Days

Hey mate,

I hope this finds you better than ever!

It is with a HUGE amount of happiness that I bring you this amazing and touching true story.

As fat loss transformations go, this one is an absolute RIPPER.

I could have called it; “How to lose more than half your bodyweight in 15 months at an average of better than 9.5 lbs a month, completely transform your life, and then help transform others with your progress.”

Get to it, this is an awesome case study from a wonderful, articulate lady.

Reading this made me very very happy.

Enter H.C. in her own words, writing from Charlotte, NC.

H.C. Before and After: Down from 294.5 pounds to 153.0 pounds, and LOVING it 

“Friday, February 01, 2013

When I started my foray in to body recomposition, I was 294.5 pounds and 53.2% body fat. I am not sure what my lean muscle percentage was, because at that point, I did not have a complete body analysis scale.

After ordering Athletic Greens and making incremental dietary changes, I began to feel better- both physically and mentally. I had been following Chris’s blog and emails that I was receiving as an Athletic Greens loyalty auto-refill client, and was intrigued by the premise of the “Food For Fat Loss” scheme. I was 38 years old, and on medication for controlling high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes (Type II- obesity onset). I decided enough was enough and wanted to give the Food For Fat Loss scheme a go. I was ready to make big changes in my life, and figured I could do ANYTHING for 30 days…so why not try this approach and see what happened.

“After the first 30 days of FLAWLESS Food For Fat Loss eating + Athletic Greens,  Omega3 (intervention dosage) + Vitamin D + BCAAs + at least 30 minutes a day of MOVEMENT, I lost exactly 26.0 pounds and 3.1% body fat. I felt amazing.”

After the first 30 days of FLAWLESS Food For Fat Loss eating + Athletic Greens,  Omega3 (intervention dosage) + Vitamin D + BCAAs + at least 30 minutes a day of MOVEMENT, I lost exactly 26.0 pounds and 3.1% body fat. I felt amazing. I was getting QUALITY sleep (8+ hours a night in a blacked out room!), QUALITY whole foods, and QUALITY supplements via the Athletic Greens family of products. I continued this lifestyle (because it was EASY and I was NEVER hungry) and now, 15 months later, I am down 141.5 pounds and 28.7% body fat. My current body fat is 24.5% (although I have some question about that figure, since I have about 20 pounds of “doctor confirmed” sagging skin from extreme weight loss) and my lean muscle mass is 31.4%. I feel light and agile. I am teeming with energy. My mind is clear and my body is racing. I can keep up with my 4-year old without a problem.

“I continued this lifestyle (because it was EASY and I was NEVER hungry) and now, 15 months later, I am down 141.5 pounds and 28.7% body fat. My current body fat is 24.5%”

My family, friends, and colleagues ask where I get my seemingly unending source of energy…and I find I need fewer hours of sleep to wake up feeling incredible. I no longer feel lethargic in the middle of the day…and I honestly can not think of the last time I have actually “yawned.” I sing the praises of Athletic Greens (and Chris’s Food For Fat Loss scheme) constantly. I am not shy about sending links to his blog and the Athletic Greens website to people who ask about my state of health. I have done it dozens of times to dozens of people. I am absolutely passionate about creating a better life for myself, my family (husband and daughter), and am currently reading about 11 different books on nutrition and metabolism because it is my new obsession.

“I feel light and agile. I am teeming with energy. My mind is clear and my body is racing. I can keep up with my 4-year old without a problem.”

I am so impressed by Chris’s knowledge base on how the human body works and what is the best fuel for optimum performance. His base of knowledge has inspired me to learn about these processes as well. I want to be a positive example for my daughter as she grows, and I want her to have a love for healthy foods and understand why we eat what we do. I do not want her to have a dysfunctional relationship with food like I did for my first 40 years of life. Without the boost I got from my Athletic Greens products (greens, omegas, and vitamin D), I would never have had the energy to undertake the ridiculous endeavor of attempting to lose over half of my body weight in less than a year-and-a-half. And not only did I attempt it, but I SUCCEEDED in it.

“Without the boost I got from my Athletic Greens products (greens, omegas, and vitamin D), I would never have had the energy to undertake the ridiculous endeavor of attempting to lose over half of my body weight in less than a year-and-a-half. And not only did I attempt it, but I SUCCEEDED in it.”

I tell everyone who asks me about my physique about the role Athletic Greens and Food For Fat Loss played in my transformation, and will continue to do so, for as long as I shall live….which, by the looks of things, should be a VERY long time.





40 years old

Charlotte, NC

Financial Analyst for a Fortune 250 Company



H.C. I am SO proud of you for taking responsibility for your health and life and going after it.

THANK YOU for taking action.

You did amazingly well. Thank you as well for having the courage to share your story.

To those of you who are reading this I would like to make a couple of points.

First off, if you are not currently happy with your body, and you have been eating less than perfectly for a long time, and you are yet to give Food for Fat Loss a try, HURRY UP and TRY IT.

You can read about it here:   Food for Fat Loss


Food is first.


You will also note that H.C. made a priority of:

QUALITY FOOD without DEVIATION for a consistent period

QUALITY SLEEP (8 plus hours in a blacked out room)



Think they are related to her success? So do I.


Secondly, I will clearly state, and you can quote me, the CEO of a supplement company……

“Technically, the majority of you don’t NEED ANY supplements to begin or make major progress.”

That is what is so cool about a LIFESTYLE approach. You can do it forever, just with clean food. Whoooppeeeee!

That said, frequently folks complain about a lack of energy, mood swings and energy ups and downs, digestive issues, and generally being unable to stay on the wagon for any of the above when getting started.

Or they go amazingly well for a “30 Day Challenge” then quit and go straight back to the crappy eating habits that got them in trouble in the first place.

Make it a lifestyle approach and YOU WILL TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.

Though they don’t know it at the time, folks who have been on a refined, crappy diet for years will likely suffer from major detoxification issues as well. Sorry, you have to pay the pied piper for any crap you have been feeding yourself.

The good news: Rectifying a lack of energy, mood swings, cravings, energy ups and downs, digestive issues, detoxification issues and micro and macro nutrient absorption and imbalances will make a MASSIVE difference in how you look and feel, let alone in terms of your performance when you undertake an aggressive change in lifestyle.

And that is exactly what this was, a very aggressive change in lifestyle.

Sick, overweight, lethargic, DYING  – to-   Healthy, Lean, Vibrant, and Loving LIFE. 


Definitely worthwhile.  Two thumbs up for H.C. for making it happen.


If you would like to take the same Nutritional Insurance stack that H.C. did, then you can get the entire stack (we call it the Trinity Stack) here:


click here to get started:  Athletic Greens, Omega 3 and Vitamin D3 the “Trinity” 


You don’t NEED it, but this is what I think Athletic Greens can do for you, for starters.

1. Finally help give you the energy to get up off your ass and start eating and living cleanly – simply by providing nutritional insurance in terms of micro nutrient intake in your diet (think “vitamins and minerals” – even tiny deficiencies here can make you feel pretty miserable)

2. Help mitigate energy fluctuations

3. Help mitigate CRAVINGS (especially sugar cravings and micro nutrient deficiency related cravings)

4. GREATLY assist your body to naturally detoxify, especially your “you-only-get-one-LIVER”

5. Boost immunity – sickness is a rarity in the Athletic Greens community

6. Improve digestion – in general, good bye to gas, bloating, IBS, and hello to major improvements in any diarrhea or constipation symptoms

7. Improve digestion – specifically, of MICRONUTRIENTS – think those awesome little vitamins and minerals again

8. Reduce systemic inflammation

9. Increase your body’s own ability to tolerate stress via adaptogenic herbs

10. Improve athletic performance by enhancing recovery ability and improving health right down to the cellular level.


Do I think you can do just fine without Athletic Greens? Yes, 100% yes I do for the majority of people.

Do I think that you can do BETTER with Athletic Greens?  Yes, 100% yes I do for literally EVERYONE.

If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be standing here telling you about it.


Many of you have fallen off the wagon, perhaps post “Happy New Years Resolutions”


If like me you find H.C’s story very inspiring, please USE IT and TAKE ACTION.


I know that H.C. would be very happy to know she was inspiring you to take action (hint hint for the comments section below), and now would be a great time to get back on the health and happiness wagon.


“100% Focus on Happiness” 


That is my mantra, and it starts with phenomenal health.




Chris “the Kiwi”


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Questions or comments for me or for H.C.? Please fire away in the section below.

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So named because he comes from a little country in the Pacific called New Zealand where a small, fat, quasi-blind, and largely defenseless bird by the name of “Kiwi” is the national animal, and what we are called when we land in other countries. He is focused on using what he can remember from his studies for a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and his cumulative years as a nutritionist and strength coach to help other people enjoy amazing levels of health and energy. He enjoys ticking through his list of life goals and meeting new people.
  • jch

    Morning Chris,
    Just started your athletic greens this week (day 4). Quickly noticed my cravings for high sugar foods drop off and increased overall happiness/mental clarity. Not to omit, my slacks are fitting much better! On a personal note; recently being diagnosed with HIV and learning how paramount nutrition and my treatment regimen are intertwined I am extremely encouraged with your product! The medical cocktails of pills on the market directly target the intestinal tract and magnify issues of bloating,gas, and belly fat due to that appears to be where a large percentage of the little buggers lodges in the body.
    This is making my day go from “existing” to a much more robust ” life”!Fully aware that this product will not change my HIV status but, will amplify the quality of my life. I shall keep you posted as to the progress of fat loss and healthy benefits your products bestow on me.

    • Anonymous

      Hey JCH

      Thank you for your words and your positive email. I am sorry to hear about your HIV diagnosis but am proud of you for going life the right way, positively and very proactively. You need to have all the parts of your health that you directly control
      Outdoor time and Vitamin D status
      Intelligent exercise

      Really well dialled in.

      I encourage you to attack the eating protocol as advised on this blog under the “start-here” tab
      Please let me know how you get on


      Chris Ashenden

  • Joanne

    Good morning Chris. I take the athletic greens every day and I would really like to try the food for fat loss but I have phobia of pills. I currently take the Webber Naturals liquid Omega-3 super concentrate with vitamin A and D. Can you please give me your thoughts on this. And do I need to take a vitamin D pills also. I have started a gluten free diet but i think I need to detoxify first and get off the bad carbs (ie potatoes, bread, cakes etc.).. My goal is to lose 30 lbs and stay there.

    • Anonymous

      Hey Joanne – i apologize for the late reply on this, i don’t seem to be getting all the comment updates sent to me. You don’t have to take any pills, but I do recommend upping your Omega 3 intake – liquid is fine. For vitamin D, IF you don’t get 30 minutes plus of sun I day, i recommend our drops. In terms of “detoxifying” this eating plan will take care of that for you. Hope that helps

  • Shannon

    I have been a customer and fan of athletic greens for a while now and always wanted to do food for fat loss but didn’t think i couldlive without my protein shakes and fruit.. however i finally got up the courage and i am on day 7. I feel so good and weighed myself and am down over 5 lbs and my clothes are bigger! My energy is up and my appetite is decreasing! The first week was tough as i was probably detoxing from crappy food but i feel as though im turning the corner. Ordered the bcaas and I’ve been taking omega 3 and vitamin d. Cant wait to see myself on day 30. Thanks Chris!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Awesome Shannon!

  • CRamage5796

    Is the Athletic Greens product available in Scotland (UK)? I know there are some laws about shipping and food or chemicals? I’m a US citizen living abroad due to my husband’s work. Can I have a family member purchase there and send to me?

    • Anonymous

      Hey mate, sorry for the delay on this one: will get you shipment to Scotland at best possible price

  • Carlitos Weinkauf

    What are BCAAs referred to in the article? Gongratulations H. C. And well done Chris. Losing weight is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I started the Food for Fat Loss program this morning. Cheers!

  • Ron

    I know your product is not available in Australia yet, what is the American prices as we have a friend visiting in August and they said they will get us some whilst they are over there.
    Thanks Ron

    • Anonymous

      Hey Ron, just ask your friend to jump on – lowest is two bottles for 147.

  • kari

    Is athletic greens appropriate for pregnant women?

    • Anonymous

      Hey Kari,

      You MUST get written doctor’s approval before you take if pregnant.

      We think it is fine, but those are the rules.



      Chris Ashenden

  • Christine M McGrath

    Chris, what exactly is systematic inflammation? I think I may may experiencing it?

    • Anonymous

      Hey Christine, this is a broad term that applies to an overall level of inflammation (as opposed to solely local or site specific). Typically caused by a number of reasons, ranging from poor diet, stress, lifestyle, and can be specifically caused by toxic overload, excessive gut permeability, poor n6 to n3 ratios, infection, insulin resistance etc etc etc. I guarantee that unless you have your diet dialed in, are sleeping well, and are avoiding toxins such as sugar, refined processed vegetable oils, gluten and nearly every cereal, grain, and legume, and high fructose corn syrup, you are suffering from systemic inflammation. Your solution is to eat and live cleanly.

  • Renee S. Rodems

    I would like to connect with H.C. of Charlotte, NC. I also live in Charlotte, and have some individualized questions. I am half way to my goal so far, am taking athletic greens, vitamin d, and fish oil supplements, and now need some more input. Please email me at I am very much interested in speaking with you. Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Hey Renee, she has your email :) Cheers, Chris

      • Raj

        Hi Chris, I just started using the athletic green, its nice drink. My wife grew big after her pregnancy, she grew 50 pounds lost all the energy doing some stupid diets, now we thought following you we might come to better shapes and do better with more energy, strength. My wife has back pain as well, please suggest what is the right way to start with my wife and we are very serious with it.

        • Anonymous

          Hey Raj

          Sure. Congrats on the baby mate.

          I recommend you go to and read the four food for fat loss articles, and EVERY comment.
          Then begin

          You will do great


          Chris Ashenden

          • Raj

            Thanks Chris, I read the article its nice, do you have anything for vegetarians, my wife is vegetarian.

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