If you were to ask me if any human NEEDS supplements – I would say NO. Eat food in accordance with how we are designed to eat and you will be fine. Yes, I am a fan of the Paleo approach and looking at human health and nutrition through the lens of evolutionary biology.


If you were to ask me if supplements can be a good idea, I would say sometimes, or, it depends.


BUT, if you were to ask me which supplement on the planet was the best, most awesome, most amazing supplement, like, well, ever. Then I would say Athletic Greens, by a mile. For those looking at some form of food based Nutritional Insurance, nothing else comes close.


If you were to ask me what is the best fish oil on the planet, then I would immediately state the best quality AND best value is Omega 3 by Athletic Greens.


If you were to ask me about Vitamin D3, and the sun, I would tell you I would MUCH rather you got out in the sun every day (doing so will make you happy) – but if you were going to take a Vitamin D3 product, I am pretty pro the Vitamin D3 by Athletic Greens.


The pattern should be obvious. If you ask me a question, I am always going to give you my HONEST answer. However, when that answer relates to anything to do with Athletic Greens, I am going to give you a very honest but heavily biased answer – I work as the spokesperson for that company.


I am very proud to do so.


The only other point on honesty I will make here is about Affiliate Links – occasionally there will be links off this site to someone else’s site. I will never link to, promote, or even mention something I have not tried and do not believe in. When you see a link on this blog to somewhere else…..


IF to Amazon: yes, there will be an affiliate link in there. I am taking the 6% and running with it – it is Amazon.com, you will go there anyway.


IF to anyone else: no, there will be no affiliate commission for the Kiwi and we will use what is called a naked link. When we finally get our foundation up and running, I will probably run an affiliate link pertaining to the Foundation if and where relevant but until that time, naked links only (though we may run a tracking link, there will be no affiliate commission).


So rest assured, I am not being paid to promote anything I say to you here, other than links to books and toys on Amazon.com.


IF any of the above changes, I will tell you.

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