Happiness and a Crazy Giveaway
Happiness and a Crazy Giveaway

Hey mate,

I hope this finds you better than ever and loving the holiday season.

We have been CRAZY busy. (Yes, all caps CRAZY) And with my propensity for writing only when in the mood, 14 hour work days have left me with little juice to write; as such you haven’t heard from me much.

For the three of you who admitted in our last survey that you actually read these newsletters, I apologize that I didn’t sort my own life out well enough to keep writing to you guys. The responsibility is mine.

To the rest of you, I apologize in advance, because the Kiwi is BACK. 


2011 is rushing to a close, and with it beckons New Years and the accompanying host of resolutions.

Of course, for most of you reading this newsletter, you have been following my nutrition advice for a while, so you know how easy it is to be lean and healthy if you just make the right FOOD and LIFESTYLE choices most of the time.

You also know that focusing on personal happiness is liberating, especially as you learn that what makes most of us TRULY happy has NOTHING to do with STUFF we own.

“100% Focus On Happiness” – some Kiwi thoughts.

I think that feeling phenomenally healthy, alive and full of energy, and being very happy with your physical self expression is a GREAT start to being very happy.

I think that the love and relationships in your life are an integral component of happiness.

Beyond that I think community and a sense of belonging is a HUGE part of happiness.


I think personal growth, and very importantly a sense of contribution, are both parts of a focus on happiness. A very key part.

And I think that feeling free to express your own personality, the parts you like best about yourself, is a fundamental component of being truly, deeply, outrageously happy.


I have something very cool for you for the holidays, but before I give it to you I want to ask you for something. Not for myself, but for your happiness and that of other people too.

This Christmas, this holiday season, and into the New Year, please go out and give something to someone else, ideally someone you wouldn’t normally give something to.

I don’t care if it is focusing on giving a smile to everyone you meet for a week (this rocks by the way – how do you feel when you GET a friendly smile from someone), a day working in a shelter helping to feed people less fortunate than us, organizing a charity drive for an organization you believe in, or just going after some random acts of kindness.

I GUARANTEE you that doing any act of giving will make you happy.

Try me mate – it may be a cliche, but giving really is more fun than receiving – and you can make the world a much better place with something as simple as a smile and a little bit of warmth and caring.

That is my ASK.

Now to the GIVE….well…..let’s just call it…


The Kiwi’s Crazy LOYALTY Giveaway

And I do mean crazy.

As mention earlier, we have been crazy busy, BUT the Travel Packets are nearly here.

Those of you who are active on our Athletic Greens Facebook page will know that we have been trying to get our Travel Packs ready for a while.

My original goal was to get these done, filled, and ready to ship out of our warehouse by Thanksgiving weekend (also my birthday weekend).

The plan was for a sneaky loyalty giveaway of a packet or two in everyone’s outgoing shipments in December.

It didn’t happen. We had the Athletic Greens, and we had the packets printed and ready to go well before then, all we needed was someone who met our requirements to fill the packets.

So you may ask, “Why the heck did it take you so long?”. Good question mate.


Three reasons. 

1. We have people on leave, so someone put the Kiwi in charge of this project – HA! Never a good idea; I seem to have ADHD unless there are girls dancing nearby, someone is talking about happiness, or the sun is shining. At which point I tend to suffer from sun stroke and happiness delirium while managing to single-handedly empty any dance floor. I don’t really know why everyone gets off the dance floor when I get on and start to break out the Kiwi moves, but they do. Ok, I am rambling.

2. Unfortunately, the fineness of our powder makes filling the packets extremely difficult; no one wants to run that fine powder through their very expensive equipment and have it go…well… everywhere.

3. Our requirements for extremely stringent cleanliness standards (we demand no allergen contaminants or contaminants of any kind and test down to Parts Per Million to ensure this)


This has made finding someone who could fill our Travel Packs quite a task.

GOOD NEWS – we tracked down what seems to be the ONE outfit in the entire USA of who can do this, signed em up, got it all moving, and we now have 10’s of 1,000’s of Travel Packets happily meandering their way towards our warehouse.

They should be received on Friday or Monday, and be ready to start shipping by Tuesday, maybe Wednesday latest.

Soooooooo…. back to the Giveaway. As you know we have called this

The Kiwi’s Crazy LOYALTY Giveaway

You know I love loyalty. We are not going to be selling any travel packets any time soon.

Ho ho ho ho. Nope.

We are going to GIVE them away to our Loyalty Customers.

Why crazy giveaway? The short version. We are giving away


$250,000 of Athletic Greens absolutely F*REE


Yes, from the day the packets are ready to ship – and for exactly 6 weeks from that date – we are going to give away a full 7 Day Supply of Athletic Greens Travel Packets to every single person who receives a shipment of Athletic Greens on our Loyalty Auto-Refill program over that entire period. 

Those travel packets are $4.00 a pop, which gives 7 packets a $28.00 value and based on our order volumes, we are expecting to give away $250,000 of product.

If you are not yet an Auto-Refill customer, you go here to remedy that small oversight

—> YES! Give Me Auto-Refill Craziness

Bear in mind that not only does auto-refill qualify you for the only discount on Athletic Greens available on the planet, and not only do you always get loyalty bonuses, it is also extremely user friendly and convenient.

You can change delivery addresses, billing cycles, put your shipments on hold, change your order, add products, remove products, or cancel, at any time, without penalty. Just by sending one email or jumping on the phone to our Customer Service team, who I promise you are some of the friendliest, happiest people you will ever speak to… that is why we hired them, and why we consistently have a greater than 95% Customer Service Satisfaction rating.

Please trust me, we designed this to make your life as easy and hassle free as possible. And if you don’t like any part of the process, you are free to call me out and bleat all over our Facebook page.

Speaking of Facebook pages, this was recently thrown up on our Facebook page by Eriks G

“Not only do I really like Athletic Greens and how I feel every day that I drink them before breakfast, but I was very impressed with the prompt and effective customer service when I had an issue with my first order being damaged in transit. Thanks for being a honorable company!”

Thank you Mr Eriks, for being a loyal customer. 

And if you ARE already a customer on our loyalty Auto-Refill program…. then I thank you sincerely for your loyalty.

Giving you a bunch of free Athletic Greens Travel Packs is going to make me very very happy.

“100% Focus on Happiness”

That is my mantra, and it starts with phenomenal health.


Chris “the Kiwi”




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Chris 'The Kiwi'
So named because he comes from a little country in the Pacific called New Zealand where a small, fat, quasi-blind, and largely defenseless bird by the name of “Kiwi” is the national animal, and what we are called when we land in other countries. He is focused on using what he can remember from his studies for a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and his cumulative years as a nutritionist and strength coach to help other people enjoy amazing levels of health and energy. He enjoys ticking through his list of life goals and meeting new people.
  • Wendy

    Hi Chris,

    I got to use the travel packets I received with my first shipment of Greens. Went on a long weekend getaway, so threw two packets in with the tea bags and fishoil caps. Found them VERY convenient. It’s only been a week since I first started, not feeling profoundly different, but do notice that my recuperation time is shorter. Don’t know if that’s from the general improvement of my health or from the Greens, but I’ll give Greens the credit! I like the product, the care and consideration going in to the manufacture, and the taking of it could be a lot worse. I get a whiff of dirty socks when I first smell it, assume it to be the vitamin B’s, but the taste and aftertaste are quite pleasant, I can detect the hint of chocolate. Nice. Anyway, loved the packets. Not sure I’d spend $4/per on them, but I liked having them.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the feedback Wendy!


  • Bonnie

    Looking forward to the travel packs! They will be so much easier to get through security! Yay!

    • Anonymous

      Haha. Yes, they definitely will. Let me know how you find them when they rock up.

  • http://twitter.com/lindamcintyre linda mcintyre

    Hey Chris, No wonder you are happy :-)) You are in “God’s country” Is that Sydney’s Palm Beach in the background that I see? XX Beaches Babe.

    • Anonymous

      Sydney beaches rock! :)

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