Five Simple Tricks To (Dramatically) Improve Your Travel Experience

Five Simple Tricks To (Dramatically) Improve Your Travel Experience



Hey mate,


I hope this finds you better than ever.


Love it or hate it, regardless of how awesome your destination, travel can get stressful.


Not just talking about stressful on your mental health, travel is a genuine stressor on your immune system.  Lack of sleep, changed eating habits, rapid change in climate or environment, increased intake of gut-damaging foods, more alcohol, stress, screaming kids (more stress), exposure to hours in a test tube of human bacteria and viruses (aka an airplane). Fun Fun Fun with a capital F.


Beyond trying your best to sleep and minimize your mental stressors, here are FIVE tricks to help avoid getting sick this summer holidays and to keep your energy rocking when you arrive at your destination.


I have found these to be invaluable when on the road or in flight.



ONE. Drink a head turning amount of water.


Dehydration creeps up on you while traveling. Sitting in a seat for hours, sweating ever so slightly, humidifying very dry air with your breath, battling inflammation and fatigue, – your fluid demands are up there (just check out the color of your pee!). BUT, are you drinking more? A LOT more? You should be. My simple rule for travel is to drink until your pee runs clear. This will ensure your body is getting all the fluids it needs to flush, cool, circulate, and rehydrate.  Yes, I recommend the aisle seat.



TWO. Wash hands OFTEN.


I am not a fan of the “bug-freak mommies” you see out there using an alcohol gel on their toddlers hands after they have been playing in the grass for a minute, but I do think there is a time and a place for hand cleaners and keeping hands exceptionally clean. Many folks complain of the lack of bacteria in our digestive tracts and argue against hand cleaners on that basis. However, I think the argument falls flat, especially when travelling – it is not a shortage of bacteria, but a shortage of GOOD bacteria that bites us. When travelling, especially in a plane, you are sitting in a human made test tube of everyone’s bugs. Add in some sleep deprivation, some stress, a bit of traveler’s diarrhea, and a likelihood of eating nutrient deficient food (and typically gut damaging) while on the road, and voila – it becomes a case of “give me your bugs and I will grow them for you”. To avoid this, wash your hands often, be very careful of what you touch with your hands and what you put in your mouth (skip the hand snacks unless you have just washed your hands) and on top of washing your hands often, feel free to be a snob with your hand cleaner and to decline anyone’s hands (including yours) touching your food/face/mouth.



THREE. Don’t eat GUT DAMAGING or pro inflammatory foods


Come on, you guys already know my take on this, especially GLUTEN – skip it. Even it is not gluten-laden, if the food is crap, just SKIP the meal. Pre and during travel is not the time for that cheat meal, or to start your “holiday binge” or to inflame your gut, or increase gut permeability to allow gram negative bacteria (the bad ones!) into your system more readily.  Did I mention that you are locking yourself in a human test tube, full of bad bacteria and not so friendly viruses? Don’t give them a head start – give YOURSELF the head start – keep your gut lining healthy and intact!


Specifically skip the gluten, the cereals, the legumes, and any dairy you don’t normally consume and tolerate very well well. AVOID the heavily processed crap they try to feed you before, during, and after your journey. Better options are to take your own food, or be very judicious in your eating selection, or just SKIP the food on offer, and fast your way between safe eating destinations. Make it as hard as possible for any ingested nasties to get into your system though a damaged gut lining, while keeping inflammation low and your gut healthy so your immune system has the bandwidth to smack the nasties that do get in.



FOUR. Keep a Clean (Sinus) House         


Perform a nasal rinse beginning two days before, during, and for two days after your flight. If you consider the same principle as the one above of eating cleanly to maintaining gut integrity – if you are going to be more heavily exposed to things that want to hurt you, make it as hard for them to set up shop as possible. In this case, we want to leave your sinuses as unblocked as we can, while flushing out any rapidly growing microbe colonies. This one works a treat, and is DOUBLY important if you intend on doing any scuba diving at your end destination.  Free diving in the salt water of the ocean by the way, is a great way to score a solid nasal rinse for free while looking at fishies. You can get these at your local pharmacy or online.



FIVE. BE Proactive with Your Nutritional Insurance


This part is the easy part. To stack the deck in my favor I just load up with an “immune” daily dose of Athletic Greens from three days prior to the trip through to two or three day’s after my flight or drive. For me that means taking 3-4 servings each day for that period. I space these out throughout the day, usually taking in a big dollop of water in the process.  This will almost always prevent any occurrence of traveler’s diarrhea, I rarely get so much as a sniffle, and this leaves my energy rocking super high when I get to my destination – which is perfect, since it allows me to do what I traveled to do… enjoy my holiday!



I hope you do the same (enjoy the holiday) and incorporate these tricks to make this happen.


Travel packets make this all the easier, but then of course, when it comes to Athletic Greens, I am rather biased, so I will leave that one up to you.



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“100% Focus On Happiness”


That is my mantra, and it starts with phenomenal health.




Chris “the Kiwi”





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