Facebook Contest Winners, Pictures and Stories
Facebook Contest Winners, Pictures and Stories

Hey mate,

I hope this finds you better than ever.

We have our Athletic Greens Facebook competition winners.

We have put the winner’s photos and captions below.

Thank you for all those who took the time to enter. In the end this was very difficult to decide the winner, there were MANY GREAT ENTRIES and we ended up scoring them on a chart based on the contest rules in the FAQ to pull a winner.

Unfortunately a few great entries had to be disqualified because they didn’t comply with the contest rules (e.g. no Athletic Greens product in the picture).  We also decided to add a small penalty for those who photoshopped in a photo of Athletic Greens, when others had obviously gone to a great deal of effort to get a photo taken with their Athletic Greens.

Overall, thank you for making this a super tough one to judge, remembering that this was a PHOTO and CAPTION contest – I had big smiles, the odd tear, and a bit of laughter playing with this.

In the spirit of Kiwi contests, I also changed the prizes around a little bit – as in to say, we are now giving away a whole bunch of EXRA goodies!

There were so many awesome entries and we found it so hard to chose, that we are doing the following.


ONE first prize:  $1000 for 2 airplane tickets, 12 months of Athletic Greens, two boxes of Travel Packets

TWO second places (a tie): 6 months of Athletic Greens – plus a bonus box of Travel Packets

TWO third places (a tie): 3 months of Athletic Greens – plus a bonus box of Travel Packets

FIVE bonus prize winners for great effort:  2 boxes of Athletic Greens Travel Packets

TEN bonus special mentions: 1 box each of Athletic Greens Travel Packets


With that said, drums please…..  The Grand Prize Winner is



Sherri’s winning picture:


Sherri’s winning caption:


If you are a 21st century mom, we all know, things can get pretty hectic.  Keeping up with my children and their busy schedules (academic, extracurricular and social), giving 100% at work, being a good wife to my awesomely, amazing husband. At the end of the day, I’m glad that I started with Athletic Greens each morning.  It keeps me going so that I am able to be the best that I can and even have time and energy to squeeze in a daily workout, which has been a big part of my life for several years now.  Thank you Athletic Greens!!!”


We loved this Sherri! Sherri and her kids went to a lot of effort in the photograph, which creatively reflects her caption, and her story of life as a busy mom is one that many of you will relate to. She and her two kids look very happy out there in the snow posing with the key elements of their lives – each other, study, snowboarding, gym, basketball, baseball and football – have I missed anything? Sherri is clearly a person with huge commitment to her family and to living life to the fullest.

Congrats Sherri!


Second Place Prize Winner (tied) – David T

David T’s photo:


“Having taken 8 humanitarian trips to India over the last 8 years, I started bringing along Athletic Greens so I wouldn’t die of STARVATION. India is my HAPPY PLACE because of the beautiful people, but the smell of curry makes me want to barf! This photo is from one year ago when my friend (Shawn) and I shot a documentary featuring 25 orphaned and abandoned children living along the railway in southern India. Every one of these kids has a powerful story to tell. Thank God for Athletic Greens for keeping me energized under challenging conditions.”


Fantastic story of humanitarian work in India and we are so pleased to hear Athletic Greens was involved in a small way. Good work – next time take a picture with the product, David! :)


Second Place Prize Winner (tied) – Pat K


“My happy place is “under the bar” and not as in the had-too-much-to- drink version.  I am a competitive powerlifter and one of very few in my age category nationally (I am 65).  I am determined to defy the stereotypes about aging and love the challenge of lifting heavy weights.  I hold several American and World records in two lifting federations and my goal is to set a few new World records this year.  I also travel extensively for work, so I train regularly in both Albuquerque, NM and Dallas, TX.  All of this means a dedicated focus on good nutrition and Athletic Greens (recommended by one of my coaches) has been a core ingredient in my program.  It also helps maintain a strong immune system, which is important when you spend as much time flying with germy people as I do.  I have both the larger container at home and MANY travel packets, which I also share with people who would like to know more.  Here’s to health, energy, new records–and much happiness! “


An inspirational woman with a great story in the caption, a fantastic attitude to health, and a big happy smile on her face.

Pat, I LOVED this story. Huge congratulations to you on going after it and ignoring the common stereotype. I think this is awesome!


Third Place Winner (tied) – Adrian O



“Athletic Greens has taken my digestive health to another level.  As a result,it has allowed me to be at peace in MY happy place a/k/a MY meditation temple a/k/a the most essential space in my residence – MY bathroom.  It is no longer the “necessary evil” I once considered it to be.”

Adrian, along with Jonathan below, you guys both had the funniest photos and captions, and made us laugh (a lot).  Great work!


Third Place Winner (tied) – Jonathan S



“Happiness= Having an extra workout partner….THANKS ATHLETIC GREENS!”

Classic pic and caption, love the facial expressions on you and pooch mate. Great work!


Bonus Fourth Place Winner (tied, of five) – Jamie O


“Me and my bunny with our greens  –  My happy place is at home snuggled in soft blankies with my family watching a great movie. Despite eating fairly healthy, I had been suffering from chronic fatigue for a long while. I was desperate to try anything to fix this problem, and ordered up my first batch of Athletic Greens. I was so astonished at how well and healthy I felt after starting this. Now I have enough energy to do all sorts of things with the people I love, including finishing that movie without falling asleep! Thanks a bunch Athletic Greens. PS I was also quite please that for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I did NOT get the flu like everyone else did ^_^”

Great work mate – creative photo with two kinds of greens. It makes me happy to hear of the improvement in your health, Jamie. And we love it that the bunny is staring straight at the camera!


Bonus Fourth Place Winner (tied, of five) – Erica W



“There is no better happy place for me than an outdoor yoga session followed by an ascent of the Incline; nature’s stairmaster, 2,000 ft climb over a 1 mile distance. Athletic Greens fuels my body, mind and spirit! “

Great work Erica! Awesome shot and what an inspirational Happy Place!


Bonus Fourth Place Winner (tied, of five) – Ted H


“My happy place is returning from traveling 3 weeks a month and spending time with my kids Ethan and Amanda.  Athletic Greens travel packets have kept me healthy and happy throughout the past year of flying over 150,000 miles.  As a added plus, I’ve lost 30 pounds while traveling!  I appreciate the Kiwi’s emails and advice.”

Heart warming caption and photo, it sounds like Athletic Greens has travelled a lot with Ted! I won’t lie, I love the product placement in this photo, great work!


Bonus Fourth Place Winner (tied, of five) – Anthony C



“You can’t always get what you want, but in Helsinki, Finland if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need with Athletic Greens 52 years old and loving it!”

Dancing in the snow with Athletic Greens, a huge smile, and a caption with a clever twist. LOVE IT!


Bonus Fourth Place Winner (tied, of five) – Tony B


“My happy place is this beach on the southern coast of Long Island with my trusty pup Eddie (who’s too fixated on a group of passing sandpipers to look at the camera). He’s taught me more about “100% Focus on Happiness” than anyone I’ve ever known. Nothing makes him happier than being outdoors, running along the water chasing seagulls, fetching sticks, digging holes and beating me on EVERY rep of EVERY sprint we’ve ever done. His perfectly carefree attitude and deep appreciation of simply running free reminds me not to take myself too seriously. But I might have to double my dose of Athletic Greens to finally be faster than him.”

Great work mate! Tony’s caption made us really think about 100% focus on happiness.


Bonus Special Mentions (tied, of ten) – Angel O


“Me and my Greens (belts)! My happy place is in the dojo teaching martial arts to the kids. Athletic Greens helps me keep up with all the kiddies!”

Fantastic photo and happy place, Angel. Those kids are so cute in their gi’s and you all look really happy!


Bonus Special Mentions (tied, of ten) – Katherine A


“My happy place is walking my dog in all the new snow we got today!  I started Athletic greens 6 months ago and loved it so much my husband had to try – now we both are having our greens every morning and feeling great!”

Katherine, fabulous photo! Glad you and your husband love the product so much.


Bonus Special Mentions (tied, of ten) – Craig K


“Commitment Day at LifeTime Fitness, Jan 1 2013…with my fiance and my trusty humongous container of Athletic Greens!  Well…OK…yes, I did add Athletic Greens to my image…but, I did finish the 5K”

Funny photo and caption and Craig and his fiance look so darn happy we can’t help smiling every time we look at this picture.


Bonus Special Mentions (tied, of ten) – Amy P


“As a Mama, my Happy Place is my home! However, I;m pretty sure we’d all be happy in Kauai too, which is where we will go if I win!!

I’ve only been using Athletic Green for a month, but it has made it possible for me to really exercise for the first time since giving birth over a year ago. I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy and I’ve struggled with crippling fatigue since my difficult birth experience and post-delivery hospitalization for Preeclampsia. Despite making healthy changes in my diet, I was not losing as much weight as I wanted. To make things worse, I was so exhausted every day that I could barely make it for a walk, let alone do any more intense training.

Enter Athletic Greens! I don’t remember who turned me on to Chris the Kiwi, but I’d love to thank them! Since taking the Greens regularly for a month, I’ve been able to slowly start working up to a higher level of exercise and it feels amazing! I used to have to lay down when my baby was napping every time, because I was so tired and now I only have to nap if he’s been up a lot at night. I now look forward to exercising every day!! This is a total miracle!! I am feeling really positive about all of these changes and I really believe that Athletic Greens has played a big role in my increased energy and overall wellness.”


Amy, it’s  great to hear that Athletic Greens has helped out with your difficult year post-birth. Thank you for your brave and honest caption.


Bonus Special Mentions (tied, of ten) – Bambii B


“I have fibromyalgia and have the chronic pain and fatigue that goes with it. I was taking Cymbalta and was trying to find a healthy alternative. Since starting your vitamins, I have gotten off Cymbalta and I feel so much better. I have more energy which gives me more time to do the things I really love to do and painting among many other loves I have have become a real pleasure for me. I have more energy to seek after my enjoyments with more energy and a ton less pain. I really love Athletic Greens.”

Bambii, being able to follow your passions with energy sounds like a good recipe for happiness to us too!


Bonus Special Mentions (tied, of ten) – Catherine S


“As a Registered Dietitian and a multi-sport enthusiast, Athletic Greens makes all my HAPPY PLACES better! One of my favorite places is cross country skiing with my dog at night when it is a full moon. The only sound is the swish of the skis, the stars sparkle in the sky and the blue tinged moonlight lights my way. I love the feeling of my heart beating strong and my muscles straining as I push my body. Thanks to Athletic Greens – they give me the extra edge when I need it!”

Poetic caption and great effort taking the photo at night in the snow with skis and dog. Always very happy to have another health professional on the team, thank you for your entry, and for your support!


Bonus Special Mentions (tied, of ten) – Michelle D


“Athletic Greens helps keep me going in more ways than one…and that makes me VERY happy! :)”

Amusing happy place. Glad to help out there, Michelle!


Bonus Special Mentions (tied, of ten) – Willie B


“The BADlands are my HAPPY place! Every morning I’m hiking in these Southern California foothills…and since starting with Athletic Greens a few months ago I have MUCH more energy and stamina…I’m keeping up with my dog now, (and at times wearing HIM out!) Being 30 lbs lighter also helps! Athletic Greens, followed by my morning hike…my ‘Happy Place!'”

Keep up the great work on your health and happiness, mate!


Bonus Special Mentions (tied, of ten) – David M


“Wherever I go, I take my happy place with me – in this picture, I am swimming with the dolphin Liho (“rare, and precious”) in Hawaii, on my honeymoon with my rare and precious wife, Mandy.  She’s the one on the left. :P”

Great picture and cute caption, David :p


Bonus Special Mentions (tied, of ten) – Andrew D


“Although living in the city has its benefits, health is not exactly one of them. That’s why I start off everyday with a morning glass of Athletic Greens and some Meditation. The ultimate combo for health and happiness!”

Interesting photo and a focused approach on health and relaxation, we like it!



There you have it mate. We enjoyed the contest, thank you to all those who entered for all your wonderful entries.
All prize winners will be contacted by a member of the Athletic Greens team by email.
“100% Focus on Happiness” 
That is my mantra, and it starts with phenomenal health.
Chris “the Kiwi”
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