Belly Fat.. Belly Fat… and Why You Should SHOOT The Big Ones

"Yep, I'm Just One Magic Pill Away From Ultimate Leanness"

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Hey mate,


I hope this finds you better than ever.


Judging by the number of times I have keep seeing the words “belly fat” on the internet there seems to be an awful lot of interest in this topic.


Or more importantly, how to remove it.


As it relates to belly fat, I get countless emails a day asking me questions like


–       will this raspberry extract make me lose all my fat?

–       if I take xyz thermogenic fat loss pills, can I eat pizza and still get ripped?

–       can’t I just go for longer runs to get my daily calorie burn up to get super lean….. even while eating carbs like rice, pasta and bread all day?


The answer is no, no, and well, no.


Human nature is to look for the quick fix, the shot of instant gratification, the newest and fastest way.


But before you go looking to turbo charge any belly fat reduction plans, I want you to think about something.


My first business mentor was a big old Texan guy, and one of his favorite sayings was as follows…


“When it comes to life, problems, and business, SHOOT THE BIG ONES, and chase the little ones under the fence”


There were some long blank looks from the group we were in, but after he had translated this from Texan English to Down-Under English  (it was a room full of Australians and New Zealanders) we understood that this is what he meant:


Focus on the BIG things, the most important things.


Focus on the BIG things, the things without which, none of the other things matter.


Focus on the CRITICAL elements to success, and then IGNORE the minor details unless and until you have done so. (in fact, you frequently just ignore them all together).


He was right, this approach works, and as it relates to your happiness, I recommend a focus on the following:


1. Health

2. Love and Relationships

3. Personal Growth, Personal Satisfaction, and Contribution.


And in all Kiwi honesty, I believe they should be in that order.


Today, like every email, (and whether you knew it or not) we are talking about the pursuit of happiness.


To get there, I want you to start by Focusing on HEALTH. Going from unhealthy to healthy, or from ok health to super health – there are few things that can have as profound an impact on your life.


Interestingly enough, if you take my approach to focusing on health and happiness, you are also going to get rid of any belly fat FASTER than all the extracts, fat loss pills, and marathon running in the world combined (and keep it off).


So regardless of what your personal “health” goals are, be they fat loss, getting stronger, reducing likely-hood of disease, improving quality of life, boosting athletic performance, or just plain old “lookin betta naked” and getting rid of all your BELLY FAT….. lets do it the smart way, and focus on the things that really matter.


In other words, lets SHOOT THE BIG ONES!!




1. Insulin Metabolism and metabolic disorder (also known as diabetes, hypertension, and fat people)

2. Inflammation – also known as tired, sore, puffy and sick people and leading cause of death on the planet

3. Gut Health – also known as “why don’t I feel super human and why do I get sick all the time”


If you want to shoot the big ones for Health and Nutrition, or if you want to crush that belly fat issue, then you focus on crushing the above, 1, 2, and 3.


Then you add in a focus on sleep and stress reduction, and after that focus on getting in even just 2 or 3 smart weight bearing exercise sessions a week.


You do this FIRST, you don’t worry about knick-knacks, thermogenic supplements (most of which will likely kill you), or magic witch potions.


Yes Kiwi but HOW do we do that you ask?


You follow our consistent rules for optimal nutrition.

EAT for nutrient density

EAT to improve gut health and gut absorption of nutrients

EAT a macro nutrient profile that lends itself to improved body composition and less disease

EAT sufficient quantity of quality food to deliver your body its macro and micro nutrient requirements

DO NOT EAT anti-nutrients

DO NOT EAT foods that harm you


Eating this way, you are EATING to lower inflammation, balance omega 3 to omega 6 ratios, repair and sustain total gut health, and improve insulin metabolism.


As you will recall from the Food for Fat Loss series, your protein and fat sources are ideally coming from:


grass-fed meat

pasture raised fowl

game meats, when you can find them

wild caught fish, especially cold water fish such as salmon

eggs, ideally from happy, free range, pasture raised birds


and from cooking:

coconut oil

a small amount of olive oil

organic “close to the cow” butter from grass fed cattle (add this in after a decent period of dairy free if you can)

ghee from the same cow above

rendered animal fat from a cleanly raised animal


appropriate amounts of coconut milk used in some food preparation


a very small amount of nuts and seed (or no nuts and seeds for now if you can)


And the rest of your diet (and 100% of your carbs if starting out and chasing fat loss) made up of regular big heaping amounts of fresh vegetables……and voila!


Nothing is commercially “created” in a factory out of corn, soy, or wheat, nor was anything raised in misery (and nothing approaching health) with a non-natural diet.


You have a great natural ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fats. Further there are no nasty trans fatty acids anywhere in this way of eating and levels of AGE’s (advanced glycation end products) are dramatically reduced.


Nothing is going to mess with your insulin metabolism, which along with inflammation I think science now can happily lay at the feet of every cardio-vascular disease.


Nothing is going to mess with your gut health.


Those big three are SO important.


They are THE BIG ONES for nutrition for health.


And they are THE BIG ONES for losing belly fat too.


SHOOT THE BIG ONES by following my nutrition recommendations at least 90% of the time, get a real focus in your SLEEP, mix in a bit of smart exercise, and you will be amazed at how quickly those “lose your belly fat with new magic pill” ads no longer consume a single minute of your attention.


Focus on the things that matter.


“100% Focus on Happiness”


That is my mantra, and it starts with phenomenal health.




Chris “the Kiwi”


Quick question: What would you like to see as our prize for the upcoming Athletic Greens Facebook page ultimate giveaway? (What we will be giving away for liking the page).

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About the author
Chris 'The Kiwi'
So named because he comes from a little country in the Pacific called New Zealand where a small, fat, quasi-blind, and largely defenseless bird by the name of “Kiwi” is the national animal, and what we are called when we land in other countries. He is focused on using what he can remember from his studies for a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and his cumulative years as a nutritionist and strength coach to help other people enjoy amazing levels of health and energy. He enjoys ticking through his list of life goals and meeting new people.
  • Bob Sawyer ?

    Good stuff as always. I just ran out of the bag of AG that I won a month ago. Time to order more!

  • Stanley Veyhl

    I have a peculiar situation. 30+ years ago my kidneys failed so I go someone elses. Since then I’m on Prednisone and a lot of other pills. I’ve tried a lot of good eating, rest and meditation. My weight hasn’t come down until now. Since I’m taking your Athletic Greens my weight has gone into the 100’s, 199.5# for the first time since I got my new kidney. I’m now happy but scared. I like what’s happening but afraid for my kidney. I hope you understand. 30 years is a long time.

  • AshleeD

    I think it really helps to eat a lot of the same meals. Helps to streamline grocery shopping and the guesswork is gone. If you think its boring stop living just to eat and eat to live. Save the creativity or eating out for a re feeding day.

  • bill

    I’m using the Greens and the fish oil but feel sick which am I taking too much of fish oil
    which I take 2 capsules 3 times a day/with meals or greens which I take before I take before my 1 hr walk in the food.

  • Gary Moore

    Keep articles coming, Greens are good, omega 3 pills too,need input on omega 7, berberine and recipes from your sister concerning spices

  • Kayemille

    pardon my ignorance, but how do I know if something is grass fed or grain fed in the grocery store?

    • Anonymous

      It will say so on the meat


      Chris Ashenden

  • Jackie in Texas

    And….I would love a free month supply of AG and a t-shirt! Great idea….and kudos to the person who suggested a 30 day meal plan…..wonderful gift!
    Happy day to you!

    • christhekiwi

      Thanks Jackie!!!

      And welcome to the family. Please keep your comments, thoughts, and feedback coming :)


  • Jackie in Texas

    Hello All,
    First post. Hubby and I are trying AGs for first time this week. Wow!! Love this product. We are nearly 60 and are healthy and active but are working on the Fat Loss for 30 days. We are walkers and are adding in the strength training with weights (Total Gym in the home)this week, too. We have added in the Omega 3 fish oil at each meal. Looking forward to “lean machine” happiness at an even higher level soon! Chris, you are just a precious soul to give your talents and information to the world as you have. Keep up the excellent work. I love reading your posts and responses to all the lovely folks I see here. Many good thoughts for you in 2013!

  • Joy

    I try to follow the old ‘mantra’ that’ my body is a temple’, hence, only consume what you know to be good for it and don’t over-load it with food of no nutritional value. It seems such a logical method to maintain health and happiness, so why are all so called ‘rewards’ so nutritionally bad for us??Biscuits, cakes sweets, l…all based on harmful sugars; how and why did that happen? And why do I seem such a kill-joy when I turn down such offerings! I am wheat and dairy intolerant, so I think my body decided for itself what was best!!

  • Judy

    I ordered the hard copy of the beyond diet program. I cannot remember all this. How long before it should arrive. Ordered 10 days ago.

  • Colleen

    AMEN…it’s so simple, yet, so many fail miserably.

  • Suembyers

    I would like to know whether you sell Athletic Greens in NZ for us kiwis like yourself?

  • Erica Wineland-Thomson

    How about 1 month of free greens but shipped to anywhere in the world?

  • Debbypenguin1

    I like the T-shirt and free Greens idea. I am cash poor right now I am not able to purchase any greens-would love to try them.

  • Evawilhelm

    ops, more from me: I have been on beyonddiet for the past 3 weeks ‘religiously’ and have barely lost any weight but feel better and have lost the craving for sugar! I cook all my meals ahead for work but fatique and feeling apathic is catching up again. Till soon!

    • Anonymous

      Hey Eva. GREAT work! You don’t need any greens or any other supplement to make it all happen so don’t sweat it if you live in Australia. Just keep doing the path you are on. They key is STICKING TO IT. When you are ready, try the elimination approach given in the ebook you read and you will be rocking!

  • Evawilhelm

    Hi Chris, I already emailed you but got no response. I live in Australia and cannot get the Athletic Greens here. There is one called Vital Greens which claims to be the same but I am suspicious. Can you please help! I KNOW that I need to do the 30 day thing because I got all the symptoms you listed and if I don’t do something soon, I crack (I have eaten only healthy food for the past 30 years, gone from Vegan back to grass fed meat, work out, etc). When on an expedition, everyone around me lost the weight, except I! I thank you for your great work and am very much looking forward to ‘reading’ from you!

  • Rachel J., MPH, RD

    Great article. Loved it all. Sometimes (rarely nowadays) do I come across an article that “hits the big ones”. Bravo!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Rachel!

  • Anonymous

    Chris, I love it, homie, BIG thnx!

    • Anonymous

      Zach, thank you! You rock mate. After seeing your comment on this blog I checked your post out on and loved it, then read your “about” and loved that too. Very timely, I lost my grandmother last week and it crushed me. I agree 100% – Health 1st.

      If only I knew and practiced in my 20’s what I know now!

      • Anonymous

        Bro, thanks so much 4 the kind words!!! I am sorry about your loss, my man, what you are doing now is influencing and changing lives of MANY!

        • Anonymous

          Thank you mate, means a lot!

  • Peter Barrett

    Hey Chris!
    Love your post and have been actively following your posts since the food for fat loss series and I have even helped my stepmom with her 30 day trial- I’ve become her well being coach actually and shes lost 14lbs in just under 2 weeks- if u remember my last post was about finding a diet fit for an MMA fighter and i have been back ‘on’ since TUESDAY as i fought this past weekend and gave myself a few cheat days of nonsense food and it really slowed me down- i felt lethargic; hard to concentrate; and my training partners even noticed my lack focus while in the gym—THANK YOU FOR GIVING ‘US’ YOUR KNOWLEDGE ABOUT HOW TO EAT— it does improve my quality of life! Amy (stepmom) has even told me that she is now happier in general with out much of a reason why and i just assured her its because she eating right and on THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS but back to your original question of whats a good prize? howabout a week as a personal assistant so one lucky follower can see what its really like to be in the life of “The Kiwi” an if youre worried about creeps then just have ya boy Tim Ferriss whoop his ass!

    Slippery Pete

    • Anonymous

      Peter, that is awesome news about your stepmom! Way to go mate!

      I wouldn’t sweat coming off the rails for a few days, as it sounds like you are of the right mind set and are going to get right back on. YES. Go after the happiness mate, I love it.

      In terms of the prize, I could live with it, but they would have to travel a LOT, and I am not sure how many others would like to come be my slave for a week!

      Thank you for your comment, and congrats for going after it and trying to help out the people you care about in your life.


  • Tina Canney

    How about a T-shirt and 1 month of free Greens?

    • Anonymous

      Alright, will put that into the ideas, kitty. Thank you!

  • James Purdy

    “Human nature is to look for the quick fix, the shot of instant gratification, the newest and fastest way.”

    Instant gratification often turns to regret in the next instant. Deferred gratification is usually much better.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed! :)

  • Jennifer

    Hi Chris,

    I agree with you on what we should be eating, but it sounds like I need to be cooking every meal, which is impossible. I’m usually working 8am to 7pm, and I take a few minutes to drink the Athletic Greens in the morning which works great, but I typically need to grab a quick sandwich for lunch. Then by the time I leave my work, I’m hungry and tired, plus have more work to do at home, so I don’t feel like cooking. I usually pick up take out food on the way home or have a frozen dinner. Do you recommend any types of frozen dinners? What is the best way to follow your diet when I’m too busy to cook? Also some recipes that I can cook in large amounts on Sunday for the week would be excellent, I have little cooking experience. I’m average/normal weight, but I’m trying to focus more on keeping healthy since I’m tired a lot (even though I usually get 8 hours of sleep!), and I get sick usually more than once per year.

    Thanks very much,

    • Stayce Pavey

      Hiya Jennifer. I highly suggest cooking your meals on the weekends and cook enough to last you an entire month. I cook all my meats…fish, chicken, lean turkey & lean beef along with all my veggies for an entire month. I measure them out in appropriate portions and freeze them. I take 2 days at a time and keep them in the fridge or a cooler with me while working. I buy frozen veggies and measure them out and then just mircrowave them as needed.

      There TRULY is NO EXCUSE for NOT eating healthy…even work or being too busy. If it is truly your intention, you will succeed at this.

      My Best,

      • Anonymous

        Awesome!! Thank you Stayce!

    • Anonymous

      Hey Jennifer,

      GREAT question.

      I recommend that

      1. you cook really big meals and freeze them to be re used
      2. you consider for ready to eat meals, i know nothing about frozen choices other than that, sorry
      3. whatever you eat for dinner (be it cooked or ordered out), eat that for your breakfast/lunch the next day. this saves a lot of time. don’t eat that sandwich
      4. consider eating only TWO meals a day, but make them massive in quantity, following the food for fat loss guidelines. you could skip breakfast and do this easily, but for someone like you who is tired all the time and under stress i recommend you do in fact eat a protein/fat breakfast as soon as you can on waking

      in terms of recipes, i am not the best to ask. i am doing a cook book with my little sister, who IS an amazing chef, and you can check out her food blog here

      ask her for meals you can cook up large i am sure she will oblige!



  • Maggy

    Hey Chris,

    If you wouldn’t mind, could you maybe “log” a day of what you normally eat in terms of some sort of calorie tracker like FitDay just so we can get an idea of what your daily macronutrient ratios and fiber content look like? I’m interested in seeing exactly how much fat you do eat (in %), the amount of veggies/fiber, and how many grams of protein per body weight you actually consume, including all those trace grams of protein from things like vegetables, etc. Even though you described a day of eating in a previous post, the “huge plate of lamb chops” didn’t really give an idea of how much you’re actually eating. I’m just curious.


    • Anonymous

      Hey Maggy,

      I am very anti the tracking for 98% of the population. The 2% being fitness competitors, weight class athletes looking to cut weight without messing with performance, and the small number who just can’t get there the other way.

      Eat to the eating guidelines and to YOUR satiety level, your exercise and daily activity level. If the food quality is there, with the bulk of calories coming from protein and fat, then most people’s appetites sort themselves out very quickly.

      what i am happy to do is post EXACTLY what I eat for a day or two at which point if you wanted to plug it into something like fitday it would be all you :)

      understand what you are looking for, hopefully you understand the rationale behind why i recommend most people (especially women) would do better not thinking about calories and just EAT when they are hungry, until they are satisfied, using smart food choices.

  • Joseph

    Hey Chris,
    I love reading your posts. I can’t wait to give it a try for 30 days. I was curious if you had some examples of what you consider smart exercise. I tend to be all or nothing in the gym and neither show much progress. I would love to figure out a nice productive happy medium. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    • Anonymous

      Hey Joseph,

      Depends on where you are at in the training spectrum. Total beginner getting off the couch aged 60 is different from 30 year old guy who trained for a few years and now wants to make a comeback.

      My advice for most in the second category especially if a guy is to grab a program from someone smart like Eric Cressey, Jason Ferruggia, John Romaniello, Zach Even-Esh. Aim to train three days per week, only go to four if your recovery can handle it. Two may even be better for many people who are having cortisol issues.

      I AM going to start posting some exercise posts. Will give you some guidelines there. Smart exercise would be exercise that:

      does not get you injured
      does not blow you out
      improves movement quality as a priority
      incorporates “functional” movement patterns (i hate the word functional btw)
      is intelligently designed with progression and recovery built in
      is easy to follow
      DOES NOT EXCEED recovery ability

      My take for people looking at health as their number one priority would be

      2-3 strength training sessions per week.
      1 session of sprinting/intervals. sprinting would be built up to over time.
      plenty of walking, including speed walks and slow ambles.
      fun times outdoors that was not there just for “exercise” but for “fun”

      Thanks for the question. I am definitely more motivated to post on this one
      going forward.


      • Joseph


        Much appreciated man. Health is definitely my main goal. I am 36, a teacher, and a father of two so my time would be best spent having outdoor fun with my two boys. However, I still typically get to the gym 2 to 3 time a week and want to make the most of my time there. I have always either put on size or lost fat, but have never really been successful at leaning out to where I would like to be. I am the fittest I have been in probably in 10 years by eating more whole foods and less processed, but I am really wanting to lean out some more. I am 6ft and went from 230 down to 185 so not a bad “weight”, but would really like to get the body fat% down and the lean mass up. Again, I appreciate your feedback. Your approach seems more down to earth and accessible than most and I am looking forward to your fitness advice. In the meantime, I will be checking out the guys your referenced.

        By the way, I have tried various green powders over the past year, some are ok, others not so much, but none compare to yours. I am really looking forward to trying the omega 3’s now. I have been using others and am ready to compare yours.

        • Anonymous

          Thank you mate. Much appreciated. I am biased re greens, and I am also biased re Omega 3, will be curious to hear how you go. Let me know who/which workouts you decide to adopt then I hope you go after it. Having someone else do your programming will make life a lot easier. Enjoy.

  • Masanchez690

    For the winner, what about a 30 day menu complete with recipes. (I would like that myself!)

    • Anonymous

      Hey Masanchez, that could work. I like it. What else?

  • Jarvey

    What food group additions do you suggest after the “30 day” diet?

    • Anonymous

      Hey Jarvey,

      ONCE bodyfat levels are where you want them (or if they drop dramatically and then stall completely) then start upping the carbs post workout – using a tiny bit of fruit and tubers, with the majority coming from tubers such as yams, sweet potato, taro).

      A few more nuts and seeds
      Dairy on occasion to tolerance, starting with full fat aged cheeses Cheat meals every now and again


      then down the list from there as given in the Food for Fat Loss post.



      • Tihomir101

        Great stuff Kiwi You told me Europe in about six weeks! Is everything on schedule?

        • Anonymous

          Hey mate,

          yes hopefully sooner! Thanks for checking in


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