5 Fat Loss Hacks, Tweaks, and Why Food Order (Macro Nutrient Ratios) Matter


Grass-fed cow, some yummy quail eggs, and then the salad bar - In that order


Hey mate,


Hope this finds you better than ever.


This is one for all of you who have read my Food for Fat Loss article, and are following along in this Fat Loss series.


I got this email in my inbox, forwarded to me via the Customer Service Team over at Athletic Greens.




I’m not really sure who this email goes to, but I had some questions about
the diet that came out in the email a little while ago.

I’ve been following it to a t and i’ve lost about 10lbs over the past couple
of weeks, but I’ve stopped losing any weight over the past half a week. I’m
6’2″ and I currently weigh 213lbs and my goal weight is a little under 200.
Is there anything else I should be doing or anything I might be doing wrong
so that I can continue toward my goal?



I don’t normally answer these emails directly at all due to volume, instead I prefer to answer them in bulk by a group post when and if I get enough similar questions or if something begins to bug me.


Please read below for the answer in bulk.




J. Thank you for your email mate.


Here is my two cents on what you likely have going on…..


Firstly, great work on sticking to the regime to date. Assuming you are, indeed, following my program to the letter, I have some tweaks that may help you accelerate things. But mostly it is psychology.


Try the following tips, I think you will like the results.


1. Throw out the scales, you are chasing FAT loss, not WEIGHT loss. 


The only exception to this is the massively obese. WEIGHT loss as a focus is the sole domain of the massively obese and doctors who don’t know any better.


I am amazed by people who have a WEIGHT obsession (usually women, but us guys are guilty of it too). Few things annoy me more than people who are looking more amazing by the week, but fretting about WEIGHT loss, or the lack of it.


Throw your scales out, they are NOT helping you. The current obsession with “I lost 20lbs on xyz diet” or “I lost 100lbs” is total crap for the vast majority of people.


WEIGHT loss, as a measure of progress, is a shockingly poor indicator.


CASE IN POINT: A client I have been helping who went from 38% bodyfat to 18% bodyfat in 8 weeks.


Her starting WEIGHT: 56.5kg


Her finishing WEIGHT: 55kg


Oh my golly, she only lost 1.5kg (3lbs) in 8 weeks. What a waste of time for WEIGHT loss….. She should have quit right?


WRONG.  She has put on a heap of muscle, dumped a TON of body FAT, lost 7 inches around her hips, and more than doubled her self-confidence, for starters. (How fast can you say, “no more muffin-top” before you start smiling?)


The girl has abs, silky smooth skin where before it was pasty and pimply, and lost every little bit of “cellulite” on her body.


She is also very HAPPY, has cute little feminine biceps, perfect posture, has had the excitement of buying an entire new wardrobe to go out in, and has a rock hard feminine butt that could feed a good honest Kiwi family for a week (with an outstanding Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio I might add, not that I think about these things).


She looks very feminine, very healthy, and is supremely energetic. And her body fat levels are still creeping down, without any calorie restriction.


All of the above, I am sure you would agree, are GOOD things.


Thank goodness she took my advice, weighed herself on the first day, then literally threw out the scales.


She kept measuring with a tape measure, and taking photos, but never weighed herself again, until now, when I asked her to do so to prove this point.


I’m proud of her, both for her outstanding efforts, and for keeping her focus on what mattered.


Suffice to say she LOOKS amazing. FEELS amazing, and can crush 100 swings with a 36lb bell in just over two minutes, and repeat it three minutes later.


FACT: muscle weighs 3 x more than fat by volume

FACT: no one should care how much you WEIGH

FACT: all you should care about is body composition, health, and performance.


Namely the mighty acid tests of how do you LOOK, FEEL, and PERFORM.

Note: If she ever permits me, I will reveal her before and after photos and give you her story as a full case study.


Throw out those scales mate!



2. Not losing any WEIGHT in half a week is not cause for concern at all. Just focus on staying on the path in terms of diet, and every three or four weeks, mixing up your programming in terms of exercise and ensure you continue to build progression in. 



3. Diet hacks (fruit): All fruit out. Yep, all of it. Only exception is ONE serving of fruit post workout ONE day every TWO weeks.


4. Diet hacks (nuts): all nuts are gone for the next phase of this diet. You can add them back in at the rate of 6 total nuts per day maximum but not for another four weeks time. The same applies to seeds. This is stop “a small handful” turning into something more. Happens all the time.



5. Diet hacks (total caloric load and food selection): two of every three meals must have one or other of the following as the protein/fat source


a) wild caught salmon

b) grass-fed steak


The remaining one (from three) meal can be any clean protein and fat source (ie, your choice of dead animal) taken in the Food for Fat Loss guidelines.


Why am I doing this with the food choices?


Simple, I am removing any doubt that you are eating ribs three times a day, a can of coconut oil at every meal, and chasing it with 1000 calories of bacon every two hours.


If the food choices are smart and in accordance with my Food for Fat Loss Guidelines, (ie EAT PROTEIN and FAT until 80% full) you will almost definitely lose a ton of fat.


Nothing wrong with grass-fed ribs, naturally raised pork or bacon, or a bit of coconut milk.


BUT at a certain point thermo-dynamics will kick in, and if you are eating 5000 calories a day when your body only needs 2000 calories a day, the fat loss progress will stall.


NOTE: If you are eating from clean Food for Fat Loss approved sources, you are very UNLIKELY to go the other way in terms of putting on any fat in reverse (due to the metabolic pathways concerned, the uptake of the energy surplus by an automatic upsweep of your metabolism, and maximal control of insulin this way of eating represents), but the fat loss itself will slow right down.


You don’t need to count calories, and I don’t ever want to you to, just watch food choices.


The nuts and seeds are out both for the caloric impact but more importantly to remove the Omega 6 load they represent.


The fruit is out to ensure that any “small amount of fruit” is not a lot, and to minimize the FRUCTOSE load.


Salmon and Grass-fed Steak are near impossible to overdose on in terms of total volume per meal.


They also supply an amazing whack of clean, food-sourced Omega 3s, with the fats coming in a happy 1:1 to 1:4 range of Omega 3s to Omega 6s.


(SIGH) Just thinking about eating like this makes me happy.


If you find yourself getting a tiny bit hungrier on this format for a few days, that is ok, it will pass, and you can just add in one over-feeding meal one day a week, but only from these sources (eat your heart out).


Hope that helps, J!






NOW, having said all that, for the vast majority of ladies in particular, especially if you are stalling, you are most likely UNDER-EATING, especially in terms of daily protein and fat content.


This will nip all your dreams of fat loss in the bud immediately. It will also make you irritable, annoying to be around, and mess with your libido, but I digress.


Ladies, if you are NOT eating to 80% satiety from a meat sourced protein, every meal, than being hungry or complaining about a lack of progress in your fat loss is NOT ok.


Remember the Food for Fat Loss eating rules. That is your eating program. If you follow it to the letter, it will get 95% PLUS of people to exactly where they want to be for fat loss, and drums please………… without ever being hungry once.


But you have to actually DO it.


I know, annoying right? Here is another case study:



I sat down to lunch (and then a dinner, same day) with a woman who told me she had been following my food for fat loss recommendations, had lost a bit of FAT, then it had stopped.


I was staring at her lunch as she told me this. Maybe half a grilled chicken breast (being generous), with big pile of green, leafy, salad, straight from a salad bar.


Healthy, sure. There is nothing bad in there.


But freaking WAY off my recommendation of food order and satiety rules.


She is not morbidly obese, so she is dreaming if she expects to lose much other than muscle eating this way.


I asked her if she had remembered the food order I recommended.


“Yes” came the reply, “but isn’t that too much meat?”




Ladies, please get over the glossy mag obsession with stupid macro nutrient ratios. If you don’t want to be fat, don’t eat like fat, (or worse), skinny-fat people.


I decided to make this point to her, but before I did I asked (politely, I am a guest in this country) what she ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner most days. This is what she said.


Breakfast: 2 eggs, small plate of spinach/green beans/ or other green vegetable

Lunch: chicken breast and green leafy salad (I had seen this, not much freaken chicken, 1/2 a lean breast, maybe)

Dinner: generally meat such as steak, (a small piece about half the size of her iphone and not much thicker), and then salad or vegetables.


Kiwi two cents: great work on the vegetables (I like to get the nice bit in first)


SHOCKING work on the protein and clean fat intake.


When I say eat to 75-80% satiety from your amazing animal protein source. I mean exactly that.




What that looks like:


Throw a huge steaming pile of grass-fed meat, free range chicken, free-range eggs, duck, salmon, bison, game meat, wild caught fish, “what-ever dead animal you chose” on your plate. I mean huge.


Eat that sucker first (and nothing else) until you are 75-80% full.


If you finish what is on your plate before you are 80% full, then please, put some more “what-ever dead animal you chose” on your plate, and keep going until you are 80% full.


When you are 80% full, check for fats as per the Food for Fat Loss post, and finish off the rest of the way with vegetables…..


This got me a long slow look over the lunch table. Long slow nod. Allllllrriiiiiiiiighty then.


Dinner was a lot better.


Not surprisingly, she was pretty hungry after not having eaten much of anything all day.


We were out in a group but I managed to watch her eat a nice chunk of grass-fed beef, you know, nearly 14 ounces, then some broccoli. Not bad for a newbie.


In terms of people who freak out about eating that much meat in one sitting, well, the body has all sorts of neural feed-back measures to tell us when to stop eating when we eat from HEALTHY sources.


Fat and protein and clean vegetables by the way, do the best job of getting this right.


Not surprising really, since it is what we are evolved to eat.


In this case, the lady in question was super hungry, so she chowed down.


Absolutely all good with me.


Had she been eating according to my food recommendations the entire day, I doubt she would have gotten down more than 6 to 10 ounces before hitting that 80% satiety mark.


Either way, I am not worried, since the food choices were super smart.


Two weeks later she has dropped three percent body fat, and she was already pretty lean.


Get your food choices right.


Then look to the food ORDER and ratios as well, get that macro nutrient ratio right, get enough protein and fat in, and the fat loss will take care of itself.


Go for it.


“100% Focus on Happiness”


That is my mantra, and it starts with phenomenal health.




Chris “the Kiwi” Ashenden

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About the author
Chris 'The Kiwi'
So named because he comes from a little country in the Pacific called New Zealand where a small, fat, quasi-blind, and largely defenseless bird by the name of “Kiwi” is the national animal, and what we are called when we land in other countries. He is focused on using what he can remember from his studies for a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and his cumulative years as a nutritionist and strength coach to help other people enjoy amazing levels of health and energy. He enjoys ticking through his list of life goals and meeting new people.
  • Leanne

    After looking at the stringent diet guidelines you provided with mostly protein and fat before veggies and almost no fruit, I can totally understand why you would be in need of nutritional insurance in the form of Athletic Greens. There are loads of beneficial nutrients in fruits and veggies. Obviously the main goal of this extreme diet is fat loss but for those who can’t afford monthly shipments of Athletics Greens (they cost considerably more than a monthly gym membership fee!), never mind the cost of so much high-end meat, I think we will need to face reality and do our best with affordng more protein and including a little fresh fruit and veggies for all of the vitamins, minerals, etc… I’m just proud of myself for going off all sugar, processed foods and almost all carbs (aside from what is found in veggies). Finding time and places to exercise is my biggest challenge now :)

  • Mike McCormick

    Chris, will eating “jerky” snacks have a negative impact on the goals of weight loss if your using the 80/20 protein rule? Many thanks!

  • Anonymous

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  • Tom S

    Hi. I’ve only had the greens for 3 days. I mainly wanted to comment on the taste. I read a couple of reviews about how bad they tasted before mine arrived. I was a little concerned because I have had very bad tasting green products before. when mine arrived and I opened them, the smell was very pleasant ….. and so was the taste! I know that there is no accounting for taste, so to speak, but I think they taste great and go down smoothly!
    i was a little bummed when I read the insert and it recommended a double dose for people my weight (187 lbs). That info should be presented up front I think. I’m not that much over the weight specified, so I think I’ll see how it goes .

    • Anonymous

      Hey Tom!

      Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate it.

      You will do great on one dose. It is only for absolute optimal results we recommend that bigger folks or hard charging athletes take more (they do and need more, metabolically speaking).
      At 187lb you are good to go all day at 1 dose. If you pick up the exercise a lot I would recommend you go to two, but not essential.
      Let me know how you get on



      Chris Ashenden

  • Barbara MacDonald

    Living with spouse and father. Can’t throw out their unhealthy food. Dad is a candy and ice cream junkie. Evenings find me wanting cheese crackers and ice cream. Totally lousing up my efforts. 62 yrs. old, with an artificial knee, fused ankle and IBS, but I have discovered that I can still ride a bike. No other exercise option available to me. Can’t be too hot snowing or raining or I can’t ride. Argh!

  • Barbara MacDonald

    Quail eggs? Can’t get them in the U.S.

  • Katie

    Hi Chris, I LOVE this program. I put two tablespoons of Chia seeds in my Athletic greens in the morning for fiber-should I stop this for the 30 day period or forever?
    Thanks so much I love your blog, Katie

    • Anonymous

      Hey Katie!

      Thank you! I would ditch the chia seeds, forever.



      Chris Ashenden

      • Sarah

        Why no Chia seeds forever?

  • Antoinette

    I really want help with trying to figure out how much meat to each in a day. My weight is 212 lb. I am female and really want to lose fat with an ideal body weight of 145lbs but fat is more important and reshaping my body. I am having trouble figuring out how much protein I should be eating in a day spread throughout 3 meals and how many grams of fish oil, in remission from autoimmune condition. Can someone please help me? I have searched the website all night. Thank you Oh, by the way I have an hour glass figure under here that I really want to highlight. Can I please get your helP

  • sporsterpam

    Has anyone ever complained about being light headed or feel tinglely after drinking the Athletic Greens? I’ve tried cutting the amount in half still makes me feel weird.

    • Anonymous

      Hey mate,

      There are some mild detoxification agents in Athletic Greens. Occasionally, people experience a detox effect.
      My recommendation, as standard is this.

      Week one: one TEA spoon daily
      Week two: two TEA spoons daily
      Week three: three tea spoons daily
      Week four: normal tablespoon

      Make sure you get your water intake way up for the next month or so, and I think you will do great.


  • Maggy

    Hey Chris,

    If you wouldn’t mind, could you maybe “log” a day of what you normally eat in terms of some sort of calorie tracker like FitDay just so we can get an idea of what your daily macronutrient ratios and fiber content look like? I’m interested in seeing exactly how much fat you do eat (in %), the amount of veggies/fiber, and how many grams of protein per body weight you actually consume, including all those trace grams of protein from things like vegetables, etc. Even though you described a day of eating in a previous post, the “huge plate of lamb chops” didn’t really give an idea of how much you’re actually eating. I’m just curious.


  • Anonymous

    Dear Chris,

    Hi, I am from India aged 38 with 5 ft 4 in height and weighed 198 pounds in October 2011. I was trying to lose weight from ten years, tried starving etc but didnt do any good, just added more pounds, I never exercised. Last October joined a slim centre (paid huge sum) who gave me a meal plan and I followed it, restricted calories and started exercise and took weight loss sessions with vibrators and lost 17 pounds in two months but the belly was still big and I was wobbly. Started following your FFFL plan to the t from two days and can see great changes in my belly. I look slimmer in my mirror although the weight loss is less. Since I live in a place where vegetarianism is strongly followed, I could not get any chicken or meat, (leave alone grass fed). I could get only normal poultry eggs. As I now weigh 165 pounds, I am eating 27 eggs per day. Is this OK. The concept of grass fed is not yet here.

    I have been desperately trying to lose weight from many days but could not lose my belly fat. Thanks to you I can see immediate change. Thanks a lot

    • Anonymous

      Hey Maryslim,

      Good work to date, I really recommend you THROW away those scales.

      I would like to see you really mix up the meat/protein sources. It may take some creative work on your part since I am aware that a bit over 30% of the population in India is vegetarian, but that does mean that 60% plus are not.

      Try and keep the eggs to no more than 12 a day if you can. The egg whites can sometimes cause problems for some people and while i would rather you ate eggs all day than grains any day I think it would be very smart to mix up your protein sources to avoid any potential intolerance issues developing.

      I am SURE you can track down lamb in India, at a minimum, and fish too.
      Hope that helps, and hope you really go after it!


      • Anonymous

        Thank you Chris,

        I am from south India, from Hyderabad. In Hyderabad there was no problem with non vegetarian food. But I recently shifted to Nagpur as got a good job opportunity here. But the problem here in Nagpur city is very few people are non vegetarian and it is a taboo to eat even eggs. Actually when I shifted here newly I found fish in the market (the market here is only on tuesdays and saturdays) and brought home and ate it heartily. But my house maid was telling me that the whole apartment people were vegetarians and all of them were grumbling and telling her that I ate eggs!!!!!!. Even now I try to steal eggs to my flat and mask its smell by adding cumin etc. So imagine my plight about even if I do locate a meat shop, if my apartment people find me cooking meat. My maid does not touch even touch empty egg shells. This place is so conservative. It is in Central India. Any how I am doing good with eggs, which will help me cross this ocean as soon as possible, before my apartment people evict me (I hope so).

        You must see the look on their faces when I bump into them, they look at me disagreeingly as if they are saying. Hmm no doubt she has become so fat with all the non veg food she eats. They look at me as if I am a man eater (which might be equal to non vegetarianism to them).

        Anyway thanks a lot Chris for helping me look better, nowadays even my apartment people are looking at me approvingly as I have lost a lot of weight (which I feel is great reward for losing weight and after all that hard work).

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=692268832 Chris Katz


    This came up over the weekend at a family gathering and I wasn’t sure what your take would be… how do you feel about avocados when following your Food for Fat Loss program? Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Hey Chris, nothing wrong with a bit of avocado. I wouldn’t go overboard using it as a replacement for the other fat sources, but as a yummy part of salads (ie having it as a vegetable) absolutely.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Terry-Murphy/100000632409362 Terry Murphy

    Chris, thanks for the response, have looked at your plan and it looks very doable. Have a question, your comments concerning dairy products, how do you feel about free range, unpasteurized goats milk and yogurt. Not sure if you have ever had it but is miles above cow milk or will this also fall within the NO category.

    • Anonymous

      Hey Terry,

      Goat sourced dairy products seem to be far better tolerated than cow sourced. Feel free to add back in in small doses later to tolerance…. but for 30 days, out.

  • Mo Love

    Hey Chris –

    Love your stuff. I’ve seen plans like this before that mention eating 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. My question is why does that number hold true for everyone. Like if someone was 500 pounds, what is the reason that they wouldn’t eat less protein per pound than someone who is at their ideal weight. Same for someone who wants to gain weight. Why is it not that you are supposed to eat one gram per pound of your goal body weight? Have asked this question before but nobody has really given me an answer.

    Thanks! Just ordered the Greens!

    • Maggie

      My question below is similar – it regards protein intake. I’m more concerned of going overboard with something like 2 g protein per body weight, etc.

      • Anonymous

        Maggie, won’t happen if your food choices are as detailed in these posts. See my comment to Mo above!


    • Anonymous

      Hey Mo,

      No the 500lb would not be eating the 1 gram per lb rule. I would advise them to calculate lean body mass plus 20% and go from there.

      From a FAT LOSS perspective, you want this much protein because

      1. it is the building block of muscle, muscle is the furnace with which we burn fat. We don’t want our body breaking down our hard earned muscle if we can avoid it. Our body’s are hard wired for survival, so it pays to give our body messages that allow for preferential use of FAT as a fuel source. Supply adequate protein in the diet, and if the body is in a mode for using fat for fuel (what we are training it to do on the FFFL program, where we are limiting carbohydrate intake) and the body will spare muscle tissue and select fat for burning more readily.
      2. we are extremely efficient at regulating appetite when the bulk of our calories form from protein and fats. There are feed back loops related to neuro regulation of appetite, as well as that, protein is very satiating. (Some people have issues eating ENOUGH, especially when chasing muscle gain)
      3. for most people, this level will put them very solidly in positive nitrogen balance, without crossing into toxicity which some studies suggested will occur above about about 40% of calories from protein. See below….
      4. assuming you are eating smart protein sources, it is nearly impossible to OD on it since it should be packaged up with fats in the meal.

      For this reason, most white fish, or eating only egg whites, and very lean chicken breast would not be ideal if you do it too often, as you get ratios of protein to fat that are really really HIGH and we do best when they come with fats included.

      Personally I wouldn’t even bother counting protein or anything else, it is just indicative so that people don’t flip out when they think they are eating “too much protein” – if it comes packaged in a nice piece of yummy animal sourced protein, it is going to have fat with it, and you can chow down with impunity.

      Ruminants, game, and salmon especially – go to town. One of the reasons I put that guideline in this post of making two out of your three meals grass-fed steak (a ruminant) or salmon is because we seem to do amazingly well at self regulating appetite and intake when we use those choices.

      There are some times when we would want to stack the ratio of protein to fat quite a bit lower to absolutely ensure ketosis and also to avoid gluconeogenesis if say, trying to starve cancer cells of glucose. (This by the way, is a fascinating area of research, same approach is being used to beat migraines).

      Some endurance athletes, by nature of the macro nutrient profiles that they eat for fueling purposes and a desire to ensure that they are NOT using protein for fuel (metabolically costly), may also play quite different games with macros.

      But for the absolute majority of folks, this format is near ideal, especially when trying to reverse metabolic disorder and move people over to fat burners. Entering full ketosis is not in fact required at all.

      Can almost completely avoid hunger, and no counting required. The more metabolically deranged one is the longer (perhaps forever) the very low carb approach will need to be applied.

      Most will find over time that they will hit a sweet spot between 50-150 grams of carbohydrate per day, with the bulk of it coming from green vegetables sources, and with some coming from tubers and a little bit of fruit, mainly taken post workout. Some may need to be lower than that for life. People aggressively going after performance in metabolically demanding sports, engaging in frequent exercise of the sort that really taps into the glycolytic pathway, or seeking very rapid muscle gain, will start adding in carbs post workout earlier in the piece and to potentially much higher levels.

      Hope that helps a bit, will cover macros for other purposes in upcoming posts!


  • Dragopentling

    I always try to have eggs at every large meal
    additionally, I kinda weigh in between protein/fat ratio and/or food quantity from time to time, which means I have no problem enjoying uncured bacon and sausages as well as high quality meat

  • Maggie

    Is there any “unhealthy upper limit” to how much protein someone should eat or is that all a myth as long as the source is clean, grass-fed/pastured? I love steaks, but as a small female, eating an 8 oz filet mignon would be about 0.75 grams of protein per bodyweight. Is there any number to “shoot for” or should we just eat the beef and hope the liver/kidney can handle it? haha

    • Anonymous

      Hey Maggie,

      replied above – just go after in terms of satiety, from the right food sources and don’t need to count anything. body can take care of itself remarkably well if we feed it what we are designed to eat :)

      this is what you are designed to it, so go for it!

  • Josh

    So lets say some of us aren’t chasing 20 lb fat loss, more like 150 lb fat loss, is the protocol the same? From the section about throwing out the scales, you mention only morbidly obese people should pay attention to the actual weight right? And why is that, as opposed to using measurements, etc? I guess what I’m asking is, with 30%+ of Americans being in the obese category, does your protocol or advice change at all for them, as opposed to those in the ‘overweight’ category? Thanks

    • Anonymous

      Hey Josh,

      Absolutely NO difference in terms of the eating protocol, at all. The whole idea of the food order is it helps you set great macro nutrient ratios for fat loss and insulin issues without counting or thinking – things that get in the way of success for nearly everyone i have ever met when it comes to FAT loss.

      In terms of paying attention to the weight, I would still SKIP it, throw out the scales.

      I would rather you use the measuring tape and mirror any day. If still determined to use the scales, use them only every few months, since muscle weighs a LOT more than fat and you could be adding muscle and dumping fat and have periods where weight does not move much. I wouldn’t bother tracking the weight unless also tracking body composition. If you go from 400lbs to 300lbs at 5’2 then that is a good sign, but I wouldn’t use it the weight as the measuring stick, I would go by how the person looks and feels, movements in clothes sizes over time, what the mirror tells you – too many people obsess about WEIGHT, especially in the early phases, and it drives me completely nuts.

      Go by the great “look, feel, and perform” and TRACK FAT LOSS and lean muscle mass. Way more fun!


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Terry-Murphy/100000632409362 Terry Murphy

    I must say your article is rather intriguing, haven’t seen the entire diet you are talking about, new to your site but would like to ask a simple question. From what I read here you are in a way saying the American Medical Association and the American Heart Association have missed the boat when it comes to eating meat? After suffering 4 heart attacks have been told to reduce or stop eating meat. The diet was to begin to eat nuts, berry’s, whole wheat along with sticks and grass, no only kidding about the stick and grass. I will say, since I reduced my meat consumption I gained weight, bad weight, fat around the belly. Help me out here, access to diet, weight loss and health information via the internet has overloaded my synapse. This overload is quickly impacting my quality of life. I swim, run and cycle and lift weights and every ounce of belly fat is having a definite impact on what and how I eat, which affects my swimming, running, cycling and weight lifting. Is there no middle ground? I am convinced I should go back to hunting and gathering to just see what happens. Some days I am so hungry I COULD eat sticks and grass along with the kitchen table. Sorry for the rambling but really hungry, no I mean confused, no I mean Hungry. Will continue to keep in touch.

    • Anonymous

      Hey Terry,

      Welcome mate, great comment, thank you. If you go to “start here” you can get started on the Food for Fat Loss series.

      Yes I am saying that the American Heart, American Diabetic and American Medical Associations in general have COMPLETELY missed the boat.

      I invite you to go after the 30 day challenge in the Food for Fat Loss article, (read all the follow ups, and the comments) and go back to your doctor in 30/60 days for some follow up blood work. You will enjoy the outcome.

      Cheers, C

  • Derek

    I love this diet so far, as I am a big eater and very carnivore.
    Just got my AG’s and fish oil this week so started full on after dabbling since the first article came out. I know you said no scale, but that and the mirror are my guide. I’m down 3 pounds, and see a little less poochiness on my belly, I carry all my weight from my love handles to my belly button.
    I’m rambling, but my only difficulty here is that I can find no consistent source of grass fed beef, or free range chicken and eggs anywhere near me (southern Ontario, Canada).
    What are my alternatives? I can get omega 3 eggs, but what else? Fish twice a day and the odd chicken breast? Yuck! I need red meat!! Lol. Any readers know of mail order grass fed beef suppliers?
    Thanks! Derek

    • Qmistyk

      Yep. Just Google it. I do not know about Canada but there are a lot in the States. Some may deliver to CA but you might have to find ones that are already up there because of govt regs.

      • Derek

        Yeah found a couple, but they are all small farmers that are sold out and taking orders for next fall, and they don’t ship. I shall continue my quest, and try the links above. Thanks!

        • Dave

          Try US Wellness Meats – I have found their stuff to be great and they will ship anywhere in the US. Not necessarily cheap but I rationalize it through the fact the 16 ounces of GFB is still much cheaper than a pizza in my neck of the woods.

    • Anonymous

      Hey mate,

      I am not sure how close any of these may be to you but these resources may help



      Like Qmistyk said google may help if the two links above don’t. Unfortunately most grass-fed farmers seem to have no idea re internet listings. The local farmer’s market is probably also a really good idea to check out (if you have them there in winter! )

      Let me know how you get on!

    • Nancy

      Along with the two resources Chris mentions there is also http://www.USWellnessmeats.com
      Once ordered, it gets there with great speed. You will be surprised what real meat tastes like.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Nancy!

  • Anonymous

    Chris, kick ass stuff, brutha! JUST got Athletic Greens & thanks for adding in The Fish Oil and Vitamin D. I feel better every day, this nutrition post also helps BIG time.

    MUCH respect, brutha, be cool till the next time!

    • Anonymous

      Zach! Great to have you here mate. Was pretty random that I saw your order out of the 100’s that go through each day but saw it I did and thought “I know that name” so snuck some goodies in there. Hope you enjoy :)

      • Anonymous

        Oh man, Chris, I am honored and grateful for the extras my man, and seriously it’s been less than a week but energy is sky high and I’m feeling GREAT! I will be letting my fans know about this ASAP. I am PSYCHED! Anything you need from me please say the word and feel free to use my words for your web site! Talk soon, Brutha!

        • Anonymous

          Thanks mate, that would be awesome. We have a new kick-ass website coming soon for the Athletic Greens family of products, would love to have your testimonial in there, thank you.

      • Anonymous

        Chris, quick question, just read the start here & fat loss post, no whey for 30 days…. I am at my gym / on the road from 2 pm – 9:30 pm or so. I get my workout in often in the evening and have a whey shake, I have no breaks at this time, what do you guys carry for protein, if at all?

        A few days a week I fast through the day, eat late at night ala Warrior Diet

        But, post workout, I am up at my gym and pretty blasted for time, no time to sit and get a meal.

        Are there exceptions to the rule?

        Thanks, brutha!

        • Anonymous

          Hey mate,

          I would still go 30-60 days without ANY dairy before adding it back in – just to see how you tolerate it. So for that period of time look for something else you can carry with you (say last nights dinner leftovers) that you can inhale in a hurry post workout.

          Pure fat loss goal, I would leave it way the heck out. Massively insulin spiking, and consider that it is basically refined cow’s blood, designed to grow another SPECIES (a calf) 100lbs in a matter of months.

          But if you tolerate it, and fat loss it not your main goal, and the convenience over rides any other potential concerns… sure.

          I find that if i have one whey shake every blue moon, I am fine, give it to me two days in a row, and things start to go down hill. I tolerate the occasional full fat grass-fed cheese a lot better, though I try not to do it too often (but damn it is yummy).

          So, 30-60 days OUT, then after the 30 days of nil dairy, consider adding it back in to tolerance. Try playing with raw milk, ahead of the whey, since it seems better tolerated, and all the growth fractions are there, plus a TON more calories, especially if chasing weight GAIN.

          Hope that helps mate, fire away with any and all questions.

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