3 Things You MUST Do TODAY For Health and Happiness
3 Things You MUST Do TODAY For Health and Happiness

“A good day, is a good week, is a good month, is a good quarter, is a good year” - Ted Leonsis

Hey mate,


I hope this finds you better than ever.

As a focus on Happiness, here are three simple action steps that if you are not currently doing them, you MUST begin now.


Get these going asap will result in more good days, more great weeks, and the best health year of your life.


If you are already doing these, power to you. If you are not…..


Lets get cracking!




1. Sleep in a pitch black room


Pitch Black Room: This is what your bedroom should look like at night. NO lights.



Why have you not done this already?


Pitch black room = improved sleep quality, greater release of melatonin and serotonin, greater growth hormone release, reduced cortisol levels, and waking up fresh and ready to go.


Said a different way:


– more energy

– improved immunity

– improved libido

– much faster fat loss

– better skin quality

– less stress

– greater daily productivity

– a happier life


What part of that don’t you like the sound of? Exactly!!


The solution:


1. Turn off (or remove) all electronic implements from you room when sleeping. That means no electric lights, no LED’s, nada.


2. Order black-out curtains, or blinds (or both) today




– Order reinforced shades that go on the outside of your window, and can be “locked” in a shut position that completely blocks out all light from entering the room


and TODAY:


– Go and buy some big pieces of cardboard from your local art, stationary store or office depot. Get some black masking tape while you are there.


Go home, and stick a big piece (or two, if you need more than one) up so that cardboard covers your ENTIRE window or windows in your bedrooms. Hold it there (and seal the edges) with the black masking tape.


This option will cost you less than $6.00 and can either be your interim stand in until your black-out curtains arrive, or if you are on a budget or in someone else’s house, this IS your solution.


There are no excuses. I covered all this and more in the Cortisol, Fat Loss, and You post.


Stop thinking about being happier, healthier, or leaner, and go take some ACTION.


Blacked-out room. Today. GO.




2. Throw Out ALL THE CRAP In Your Kitchen



It is not food, it is not fit for your consumption – eating it will not make you happy for more than 20 minutes, after which, it will add to overall misery. Remove it.


We all human mate, we all succumb at various times to temptation or hunger. Very very very simple rule to eating clean and maintaining progress.




You know the rules, I wrote about them in over 100 pages of content in the Food for Fat Loss series. If you still have non-compliant food in your house, it is time to make it gone.


First thing I do when dealing with a client or friend who wants help, is I march them off to the supermarket (in the picture below, the closest one was Wholefoods, but any supermarket will do). We go around the supermarket, buying Food for Fat Loss approved foods.


We load up on a mountain of vegetables, a small amount of fruit, big variety of meats/fowl/eggs/fish, small amount of raw nuts and seeds, clean oils, yummy teas, and a large variety of herbs and spices.


Lots of food, no sense of scarcity. Life is beautiful.


Then we head home, and the real fun starts.


REMOVE from your fridge, cupboards, pantry and any other hiding place ALL Non-approved foods.


That means that all:




Diary products (for now)

Vegetable oils other than olive oil, macadamia oil and coconut oil

Beverages other than water, tea, coffee, wine

Packaged “foods” such as crackers, chips, or any baked goods

Processed foods of any kind

Condiments and sauces that are not compliant

Sweets, candy, chocolate





First order of business for clean living, remove your access to rubbish "food" at home




Put them into the shopping bags you used to bring the actual “food” into your house and throw this crap out. If you can’t abhor the thought of throwing it away, give it to a homeless shelter or charity. I prefer to put crap where it belongs; in the rubbish bin.





You know what to do. No self talk, no “yes, but” – go take some action to make yourself a happier person… for LIFE.







Humans who don’t exercise – are BROKEN.


Sitting is DEATH


Please, just MOVE



All Kiwi rants. Do they sound familiar?


Or perhaps this may sound more familiar to you, I hear this all the time. It annoys me, it should annoy you too:


“I am going to start…”


“I am going to try to…”


“This week I am going to…”


“Manaña. Manaña. Manaña”



To all my wonderful readers who make exercise and movement a part of their daily lives. I LOVE YOU.


I love you. A LOT.


People who take action make me happy.


To all those who are not making exercise and movement part of their daily lives, yet who say that health, body fat, or happiness are important to them.


You are either LYING TO YOURSELF, and/or DREAMING.


Either way, it is time you got off your arse and got moving.


Regardless of where you are in the Movement/Happiness spectrum, I want you to start the following, from right NOW.



1. Set a “movement” alarm whenever you are sitting at your computer to go every 45 or 50 minutes


When the alarm goes off, perform one and ideally more of the following:


– 10 glute bridges with a two second squeeze at the top. Squeeze your glutes like crazy so that they feel like hey are going to pop. (pics below)

– Stretch your hip flexors (this by the way, goes really well with the glute bridges). My favorite stretch is here

– Perform 5 bird dogs each side

– Give me 20 press-ups (push ups)

– Go for a little walk around, ideally outdoors

– If you have a mini band, perform 20 band-pull aparts

– 20 prisoner squats

– 10 split squats or reverse lunges


That is every hour, every day.


Glute Bridges: hours of entertainment. Can be done with feet close/out, feet together/apart, squeezing something between your thighs (adduction) or on one leg at a time

Glute Bridges, Top Position. Squeeze your glutes like crazy for two seconds.


2. Go for a 20 minute walk today. Somewhere.


This is the bare minimum, feel free to to more. If you are going to the gym or have a routine in mind (or behind you) already for today, then power to you. Try and add this one in anyway.



3. Commit, today, to a new activity or exercise program or activity.


That means SIGN UP AND PAY. Today.


Ideally do this with a friend to keep you accountable,





As I have said before, you have a birthright to be a lean, dynamic, energetic and healthy animal. Stop offending your genetics and go do something.



Put these three actions into play right now, and let’s get this week rocking towards an amazing 2012.



YOUR best year EVER starts with you taking ACTION, today.



Whoooop! Let’s bring it!!



“100% Focus On Happiness”



That is my mantra, and it starts with phenomenal health.






Chris “the Kiwi”



ps question, comment, rant? please fire away in the comments below.

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About the author
Chris 'The Kiwi'
So named because he comes from a little country in the Pacific called New Zealand where a small, fat, quasi-blind, and largely defenseless bird by the name of “Kiwi” is the national animal, and what we are called when we land in other countries. He is focused on using what he can remember from his studies for a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and his cumulative years as a nutritionist and strength coach to help other people enjoy amazing levels of health and energy. He enjoys ticking through his list of life goals and meeting new people.
  • Ursula Duffy

    Hello Chris,

    I have been in touch with the customer support team regarding the below topic and they indicated they sent you my question about 3 weeks ago and have not yet received a response from you. I’m trying a blog post to get an answer to my question/make you aware of my concerns/situation. I’d greatly appreciate any concrete information from you as it would help me avoid additional costs in trying to test Athletic Greens on my own and I believe having this information available to customers is becoming extremely important. My original email to customer support on September 3, 2014 is below:

    Good Afternoon,

    I have been a loyalty subscriber and taking Athletic Greens since December/January 2013/2014. I am currently dealing with a mercury and lead toxicity issue. Has Athletic Greens ever been tested for heavy metals and if so, is there any way to provide me with the results?

    I have discontinued all supplements except Athletic Greens and the Athletic Greens Vitamin D. There is potential the toxicity was caused by a fish oil supplement (not yours) I was taking from February until about April, but my doctor and I are still trying to pinpoint the source.

    Any information you can provide would be very, very helpful.

    Thank you,

    Ursula Duffy

    • Kevin Gilpin

      Hi Ursula, sorry to hear about your toxicity issue. I’m very interested in what you end up discovering was the cause. If you could message me on Twitter when you find out I would really appreciate it. Thx and hope you feel better soon!

  • Rebecca Brown

    Hi Chris, Thank you for all your wonderful emails and articles to provide support for all of us! Hey, what is your opinion of quinoa? I enjoy eating it, especially because it provides all 9 essential amino acids… and is gluten & cholesterol free. Thank you for your input!

  • Erica

    Chris…thanks for all the great info. But I have a concern? I do intense cardio exercises for 60 minutes daily and I add 30 minutes of strength training 4 days out of the week. I am a mom of a 4 year old so I do implement good eating habits…no fried foods, plenty of fruits and veggies but with all of this I can’t seem to loose any weight. Any ideas what I could do to shock my body into dropping my last 10 lbs?

    • Valerie

      Try some short HIIT interval training in exchange for some of the cardio and also intermittent fasting could help. Stay strong and positive!

  • tbmcbride

    thanks, these are awesome reminders that we just plain forget from time to time. dang!

  • cissel, c.

    Hey Chris, thanks for sending me the emails with these 3 things to do. I have made sure my bedroom is dark and I have gotten rid of the processed foods that were in my cabinets and pantry. Even if I were not taking Athletic Greens, it is a good idea to remove the fattening, processed foods from one’s home. I am happy and on my way to weight loss and better health and of course, better eating habits. Thanks so much my brother – appreciate you greatly. Be blessed and continue to lead. Peace…

  • Tony

    BTW Kevin, forget the cr*p try working at it and eating normal good food

  • Tony

    I thank you Chris for stating the obvious again and again………it is the only way that people over here will listen. They look for instant gratification and results…YOU NEED TO WORK AT IT!! It is not all about what toys you have to show off to everyone, or what gym you are a member of,,,,,,,,,it what is inside that matters. Get healthy, happy and feel good in and about you….if you you are not happy inside then you are no good to anyone else..

  • precious

    Great advice !

  • Claudine Astorri

    The best way to understand the exercises described by Kris is to go online and “look up” the descriptive words. They are not difficult if you really want to understand and do what is necessary to achieve your goals!!! Also, go to the library and read a book on exercise. Any inquiries will reap rewards with a bountiful amount of useful information. Try these suggestions – they should help.

  • Thor

    Eh, Kiwi-man ?
    I am not an exerciser and do not understand half of your lingo that you use in point three above: “3. MOVE”.
    How can someone like me get started doing exercises when you already assume that I know what you are talking about ???
    -What is a “bird dog” ?
    -What is a “band-pull aparts” ? What does the “band” look like ?
    -What is a “prisoner squat”, “split squat”, “reverse lunges” ?????

    Sorry buddy, you are loosing me before I even got started !
    I guess your website and directions are for people who are already in shape !?
    I suppose I didn’t expect to spend my time googling these things when you have a perfect opportunity to turn people’s lives around by being a little more “inclusive” of us newbies.

    • Jay

      I’m with you , Thor, where will I found these “Move”?

  • Kevin

    I’m almost afraid to ask – but, what is your position on pre-workout supplements? (i.e. C4, NOs, Noxipro?)

  • Larry

    Hi Chris aside for Athletic Green what types of food do you recommend? For breakfast I generally eat dry cereal like cheerios etc what would you suggest in its place, thank you.

  • Monica

    should you stop taking a multi-vitamin if you are taking athletic greens?

    • Anonymous

      Hey Monica

      Yes you should definitely stop the “multi” – more than covered with Athletic Greens

  • mizcaliflower

    What are “bird dogs”?

  • Kac

    What about sprouted grain bread that is flourless? Is this a no no? I also have another question, when you take Athletic Greens first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, how long should you wait before eating or enjoying a cup of coffee? Great article!

    • Anonymous

      Hey Kac,

      I would skip the bread, if you want more carbohydrates in your diet, then go with whole un processed food: tubers, potatoes, fruit. White rice on occasion if you tolerate it. For the Athletic Greens, 5 to 15 minutes, 10 to 15 being ideal.

      Thank you!

  • Graeme

    Chris, thank you! I heard about blackout curtains two years ago in Robb Wolf’s book, but never took action beyond getting a face mask. I’m hopeless with things such as putting up curtains, and don’t have a car to get to IKEA.

    I know, I know, silly excuses, but they blocked me from acting. But, your cardboard suggestion made things very simple. I went to an art store and got some black foam board. I put it on my window with black duct tape. From outside, it just looks like a curtain.

    So now I solved the light problem. I may get a curtain eventually, but this is much better than nothing.

    I’ve enjoyed all the blog posts you’ve sent. You’ve given very easy to implement advice, and it already seems to be helping, diet-wise.

    • Anonymous

      Hey Graeme,

      Awesome feedback thank you. Very happy you went out and took action.

      Hope you keep getting after it.



    • Charlie

      Here is how to do the blackout even cheaper. Go to a moving company and ask for used mattress cartons. They are not allowed to resell mattress cartons to their customers. They have to recycle or throw them out. The cartons are huge. Cut them to size and tape them up.

      • Anonymous

        Love it Charlie!

        Thanks for the tip


        Chris Ashenden

  • http://www.facebook.com/jhoyt1 John Hoyt

    so, you are telling me that it is not pitch black under my covers when i sleep ?

  • Anonymous


    I started using Athletic Greens on March 16, 2012 and on the 21st I started experiencing pains in my lower back, more specifically in the kdiney area. I’ve kept using the product, because I thought it is my body just getting used to it and it is just a constant dull pain, nothing too bad.

    Do you know if anybody has ever experienced the same symptons as I am currently experiencing?

    Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      Hey mate,

      No, not ever these specifically. However about 1/200 people have some sort of minor detoxification response. To anyone who has any type of response like that, we recommend the following build up approach:

      Week 1: 1 teaspoon daily
      Week 2: 2 teaspoons daily
      Week 3: 3 teaspoons daily
      Week 4: normal heaped tablespoon.

      I also highly recommend you jump on to christhekiwi.com/start-here/ and have a go at following the food for fat loss approach in full.

      Please let me know how you get on. Please also make sure your FLUID intake is very high, 4-5 liters plus per day. If symptoms persist after a week or two please see a doctor.

    • San

      I did! Also bouts of light headedness. I had blood and urine tests and all were fine. I thought maybe the back pain could be from sit ups..haven’t figured it out, but I usually feel ok as long as I eat pretty much all day long! Strange..

  • sleepless43yrs

    Hang in there. Babies have to come first before sleep a lot of times. Mine was three before she slept through the night and it is one of those things that if you haven’t done it, you can’t understand. Chris, when you start nursing a baby, let me know how to get 8 hours…I couldn’t even get 5 hours. Coco, your time will come when you can sleep :)

    • CoCo

      LOL. Thanks, sleepless. If Chris can figure out how to get nursing mothers 8 hours of sleep, he’ll be richer than Athletic Greens could ever make him – and rightfully so! I suspect since that hasn’t been accomplished since the beginning of our species though, it probably will remain “just one of those things”. Until then, I happily (if sleepily) get up several times a night to take care of my precious wee ones knowing that those pre-pregnancy jeans may take a month or two longer to get into. You’re right: babies come first. I do like his excessive positivity, though. It has inspired me to haul my tired ass to the gym for my Group Power class more than once!

      • Anonymous

        Go CoCo!

        And just what “excessive positivity” are you referring to here? :)

    • Anonymous

      I like it, and agree I have no idea about babies!

      Have a quick read of my response below Coco’s.



  • CoCo

    You make me smile, Chris the Kiwi. I keep getting your emails saying how important sleep is for fat loss. I remember getting 8 to 9 hours of blessed rest every night. And I remember how great I felt and how lean I was. But that was when I was childless! Now as a mother nursing her second baby and trying to get rid of that last 10 pounds of pregnancy weight, what I wouldn’t give for a whole night’s sleep! The crap’s out of the house, I’m at the gym 6 days a week…but the sleep will be elusive for several more months (if the first one was any guide). Ah well. I still enjoy hearing from you. Your joie de vive gives me a lift.

    • Anonymous

      Hey Coco,

      I am glad I make you smile mate. :)

      I understand that there are times in life where getting maximal sleep is going to be very difficult. To my mind the rule is do the best you can. You approach this very positively and I like that a lot. Many are negative and come out with “how do you expect me to sleep like that with a new baby” or “i am a shift worker and that is impossible”. I have yet to have a baby (I am looking forward to it to be honest), but I have been a shift worker, and I don’t remember anyone putting a gun to my head to make me go to work, I chose to do it. I have also helped steer a company that grew 4200% last year, which has made for an average of 4-5 hours sleep a night since July to now inclusive. Hard to turn my brain off sometimes. However, I do the best the I can :) Lots of afternoon naps!

      Some good comments on babies, cortisol, and sleep under this on the post here which you may find interesting.


      A couple of thoughts for you as a nursing mother on short sleep from the health perspective.

      1. if you are on really shortened sleep, I would back right AWAY from exercise volume or intensity. Don’t go 6 days a week. That would be for people with outstanding recovery ability and even then over kill to my mind for all but athletes. I think this will be shooting you in the foot a bit.

      Keep it to 2-3 gym sessions a week, keep them short and don’t go chasing it to exhaustion. The other days, I would advocate walking and light outdoors exercise or softer, slightly longer duration but less intense exercise if weather does not permit. I have learnt this lesson again and again over the years. Many do not go anywhere near hard enough, for others, and I think you are in this category, we need to rein you in a little. Less is MORE until your body has superior recovery ability.

      2. Don’t try and dump fat too fast while nursing. Technically you are putting your body under stress, at a time when you want to be as healthy as you can be for the bubby, going very aggressive on fat loss (or cortisol) is not ideal at this time. Also, we store plenty of toxins in our fat, so breaking that down in a hurry is not always the best idea when nursing. I think if you just try to be as healthy as possible, the fat will creep down, and you and the baby both win. Of course, when you are done nursing, you can have a crack at scaling up intensity of both diet and exercise.

      3. Proud of you for removing the crap out of the house. It is harder than people think when there are other people in the house.

      Most of all, thank you for your comment :)


      • CoCo

        Wow. Thank you for this information! I was just marveling to my husband today that, for all of my workouts and dietary compliance, my fat should be melting off – and it’s just NOT. Your post on cortisol turned the lightbulb on. I’m a zombie right now – a happy one, make no mistake – but I’m absolutely exhausted. And clearly trying to do too much exercise-wise. So I will happily pull back and refuel. Thanks, Chris. You’re a refreshing presence and I wish you well. And you are right to look forward to having babies. They are worth every sleep deprived, chubby-middled second.

        • Anonymous

          :) Let me know how you get on mate.

  • Ann Sheedy

    I like to make bread —what kind of flour can be used???????

    • Anonymous

      Hello Ann,

      Nothing with gluten in it. Almond flour on special occasions. See christhekiwi.com/start-here/

  • Dan

    Really!? No legumes? I thought that they were ‘good’ ‘slow carbs’.

    • Anonymous

      Hey Dan. Not to my way of thinking unfortunately for bean lovers.

      Have a read of christhekiwi.com/start-here/ and specifically the food for fat loss series. Cheers

  • Tip

    Athletic Greens are coming to the EU?! Yahooooooooo!

    • Anonymous


  • cheryle

    Thanks for the inspiration, as of this date I’ will start moving and taking better care of myself.

    Thank you!

    • Anonymous

      Yes Cheryle!! That is exactly what I want to hear…. as in right now. Go for it!

  • Bsk

    kiwi rocks! solid points!! sure shot!!!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Bsk!

  • Myrna

    very great,amazing and a wonderful article…..more more more please…..thank you so much for posting this….

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Myrna!

  • Mstsaguayo

    Loved this article. Every factor hits home, and reminds me that I have to recognize the good I’ve accomplished. Nobody is harder on me than myself. Good to know I have some of these down. Thank you for the reminder though because I’m latin and the food part is very hard. Take Care. Stay cLean.

    • Anonymous

      Great stuff mate! Definitely congratulate yourself on your successes. Appreciate the comment.

  • JS

    Hey Chris!

    Love the post as usual! I am loving the tips, got a kettlebell, sticking to the program and feeling great. I am wanting to get into a good weekly workout routine. Any suggestion on how to break up workouts to make sure everything gets hit?


    • Anonymous

      Hey JS. Thank you! Great question, but also a pretty loaded one. Are you doing anything else? How many days are you training? What else do you have access to? Are you going to the gym? Do you want the more extreme minimalist approach (works better for beginners than for more advance folks) or something more complex and complete? I have a post coming up on the Getting Moving, but it is a while away.

      • Joseph

        Hey Chris, Thanks for the reply. I train about three days a week with kettlebells, and try to do something active at least 2 other days. I also have a gym membership and access to everything there. The more extreme minimalist approach would be great. I am trying to really pay attention to what works for me as I usually tend to over do and wind up not feeling too “super human”, which tells me I am doing the wrong things. The eating part of it all makes sense and seems to be working just fine, I just want to find a nice balance physically. Thanks for everything man, I have learned so much from your posts.

        • Anonymous

          Hey Joseph, I would consider grabbing a program from someone smart like Eric Cressey, Zach Even-esh, Jason Ferruggia, John Romaniello, and hammering it for a month. They all have 3 day options.

          I gave a program on the blog here (which for fun I did using the 4HB,


          This may be too minimalist, it sounds like you can do more, sooooooo

          Were I you, this is what I would do:

          Every day: foam roll and some dynamic warm up exercises. That is every day.

          OFF days: walk. after a week or two, feel free to do the odd sprint, especially if on hills, aim for quality and explosiveness over short (20-30 meters). Any sort of fun activity or sport is all good to go, any day.

          Then the days you are “working out”

          Workout 1: Gym A: Deadlift in gym in supersets with a pressing motion. Say 6 x 4 of each. Ancillary work as desired would be all types of glute bridges or hip thrusters, one legged work with heavy knee flexion (one legged squats to bench or floor, lunges of any variety, step ups) planks, anti-rotational core work, and external rotation exercises

          Workout 2: Kettlebells A, swing/snatch/c and p – lighter but volume. pressing (press ups a great idea) to suit)

          Workout 3: Gym B: Front squat (or reverse lunge variety) super setted with a PULLING motion such as row or weighted pulls ups. Say 6 x 4 of each. Ancillary work to suit would be glute bridges, one legged work with HIP flexion (one legged RDLs, heavy hip thrusters), anti-rotational core work, and upper back and rotator cuff exercises.

          Workout 4: Kettlebells B, swing/snatch/c and p – explosive, heavier but less volume. volume on the pressing, but lighter.

          If three days a week, looks like this… Week 1, would be Gym A, KB A, Gym B. Week two would be KB B, Gym A, KB A, Week 3 – you get the picture.

          In terms of the sets I would do the following for the gym workouts:

          Focus lifts, focusing on BAR SPEED and explosiveness.
          1st time: 6 x 4
          2nd time: 7 x 3 (heavier than the last time)
          3rd time: 8 x 2 (heavier than the last time and less ancillary today)
          4th time: start a new exercise as the focus lift. after another cycle through, completely change the sets and reps to another format.

          When you have time, you do the ancillary work. Generally 1-3 sets of each, for 8-12 reps. At a minimum, I would pair two exercises and go for it at pace for 2 sets of each.

          Workouts will typically look like this:

          foam roller: 5 mins
          dynamic warm up: 5-10 mins (depending how tight you are)
          focus: 8-20 mins
          ancillary: 4-20 mins

          Over time, the sprint sessions will become a bit more intense.

          Hope that helps!

          • Joseph

            Thanks Chris you are amazing! I am going to give it a shot. I am loving the kettlebells and had been doing some workouts from Skogg, but can’t wait to get going with what you have given me. Your posts always put me in a great mood, you have such a positive outlook on life and fitness!

          • Anonymous

            Cheers Joseph!

            Fire away with any questions, I hope you go after it! :)

  • cw

    I’m going to try the dark room tonight! I’ve tried just about everything but sleeping pills. Looking forward to a good night’s sleep!
    Thank you!

    • Anonymous

      YES!! Good stuff! Try an ice bath 1 hour before bedtime too. That will knock you out.

  • Ll Aws On

    FYI, your mantra that sitting is death is a little discouraging to those of us who can’t stand up, and more than a little silly for those of us who lead active, healthy lives from wheelchairs.

    • Anonymous

      Hello Li.

      Yes and I applaud your efforts. Obviously if you have no choice in standing up or not then you do the best that you can. This comment is not meant to be taken as a personal critique by those who are wheel chair bound. How could it be? I have friends who are very very active and live awesome lives from their wheel chairs. I salute you if you are making the conscious choice to be dynamic and as active as you can.

      For all those who have a choice or not, I stand by my statement. EVERY client I have ever dealt with in the gym, everyone I have ever consulted with, has improved their lives by limiting the amount of time they are sitting every day.

      Myself included.

      For people who physically can’t stand up, then skip that one, and think about

      Please, Just Move



  • densing

    Hi Chris, I understand tossing the items that are highly processed. Can you explain why legumes are not allowed? I thought legumes and lentils were good?

    • Anonymous

      Hey mate.

      Sure, I cover it in the Food for Fat Loss post on christhekiwi.com/139/ when you finish that, read the comments and head up to the Start Here tab and read the series in order. I think that should help you out. The short version:
      Sugar content (in general)
      Sugars in legumes



  • Mairangi Bay Craig

    Hi Chris, when are we able to buy your good old Athletic Greens in Godzone?

    • Anonymous

      Hey mate, we get asked this question a lot. At this stage, it is not a high priority for us. We floundered around launching in the USA/Canada for a while before we figured it out, and the difference for us was a matter of FOCUS. We decided we need to grow fast in our largest, most important market, without sacrificing any quality in product or customer service, (and with 18 week forward lead times for ordering and PAYING for some ingredients) and that is what we did/are doing. It is working for us, and we are growing like hotcakes. So unfortunately, while I know it annoys a few Australians and Kiwis, we are sticking to that focus approach, and it is working well for us. Next stop is EU, but even then that was a major financial commitment for us, has caused a ton of headaches, tied up a lot of very much needed cash and in retrospect we wished we had waited another 6 months or so. SO… one day, but not on the very near horizon. Apologize if that causes any annoyance. Cheers, C

      • http://www.facebook.com/mrbuck9 Norman J Gotschall



        • Anonymous

          You won’t get an argument from me – food is first. Try reading this if you are up for it christhekiwi.com/139/

    • Nathan

      Hi – suggest trying “Vital Greens” in NZ. Similar list of ingredients and philosophy. Hopefully is good enough until AG makes its way down here!

  • TC

    I love your energy, Kiwi!!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks TC!! How are you getting on with it all?

      • Tcchism

        I am doing great. I blacked out my room and have been sleeping much better but my question to you is how does a black room provide the suggested benefits?

        • Anonymous

          Hey TC.

          We are very light sensitive. If you consider how we evolved in terms of photo sensitivity (amount and types of light we got each day) vs now (“daylight” all day, plus we look at back lit screens) and you can see we are a fair away from our ancestral norm. The blacker and darker your room, (and the longer you are in there each day) the greater melatonin and serotonin release, the better the sleep quality, the better the growth hormone output, the more bang you get from sleeping. It is a wonderful cycle when we do it, and a terrible cycle when we get the sleep/stress all wrong. Have a read of the cortisol post on the blog. Keep me posted. Cheers, C

  • Tandlharvey

    Hi Kiwi.
    This kiwi has been told to have organic oats each morning to help with bringing Cholesterol down from 8.6.I don’t want to take statins,so have a cup full with my protein powder on it.
    What are your thoughts on this.

    • Anonymous

      Hi T and L Harvey.

      Good question. If you are up for some reading, i recommend you go to http://www.christhekiwi.com/start-here/ and read the entire series on Food for Fat Loss. Note the cholesterol post specifically (but read them in order). Oats: better than bread. But there are a heck of a lot of things better than oats.

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