Follow   ********   Hey mate,   I hope this finds you better than ever.   A bunch of emails this week about cheat meals, so a bit of a rehash here, as this is important.   Lets recap what I believe are the rules for optimal nutrition…..   EAT for nutrient density EAT to...
Life After Food for Fat Loss, Part 1

You did it! You dominated your 30 (or 60 or 90) days on Food for Fat Loss and now the question reigns…. what next?

You may not realize that there are a lot of very relevant comments on this blog. I do try and answer every question when time permits, and some of them are pretty good detailed answers, if I may say so myself.

So to answer this question of what comes next, I am just going to flesh out the answers I made in a comment on this blog.

Consider it a Q and A, and a call to action for those of you who haven't gotten off your butt yet!

Let's play:

zee wrote:
"Chris,? I am doing great on this Food for Fat program. I am seeing great results. Thank You! I am closing in on my final week of the 30days but I still would like to loose about 20lbs more. I know you recommend that we continue doing the same thing until we reach the weight we desire. My question for you is when I reach my goal weight what do I do? Do I still eat meat and veggies only when hungry? Do I start eating healthy snacks between meals? Can I start eating fruits, diary and nuts? Do I get a day to pig out? I just want to be smart about this because I don't plan to put this weight back on. I like eating healthy and plan to make it a lifestyle. Do you have a book?"

You should note that Zee asked me about 10 questions on this blog, then TOOK MASSIVE ACTION - Go Zee!
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Hormesis and Hormones – How to Combine Happiness, Chronically Elevated Cortisol, Fat Loss and a “4 Hour Body” Inspired One Week Intervention
Follow   hor·me·sis  noun h?r-?m?-s?s Definition of HORMESIS : a theoretical phenomenon of dose-response relationships in which something (as a heavy metal or ionizing radiation) that produces harmful biological effects at moderate to high doses may produce beneficial effects at low doses from Merriam-Websters Dictionary     Hey mate, I hope this finds you better...
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Vitamin D Action Plan
/ March 13, 2013 10 Comments
Follow By Chris “the Kiwi” Ashenden and Liana Ashenden, PhD.   Hey mate, I hope this finds you better than ever. Imagine a world without the sun. There would be no warm sunshine, no green plants growing, and no vitamin D. We may not be living in an apocalypse right now, but many people ...
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8 Simple Tricks You Can Use to Lose FAT This Week – Without Changing A Single Item in Your Diet or Exercise
/ April 21, 2012 36 Comments
Follow Hey mate,   I hope this finds you better than ever and rocking your weekend.   When it comes to FAT LOSS, there are three things that I rate as super important yet the frequent lack of drives me nuts….   1. Sleep, insufficient quantity and quality 2. People drinking ...
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