Follow     Hey mate,   Hope this finds you better than ever.   This is one for all of you who have read my Food for Fat Loss article, and are following along in this Fat Loss series.   I got this email in my inbox, forwarded to me via the Customer Service Team over at...
Ditch the Sunscreen? The Kiwi Guide to Intelligent Sun Exposure
With summer upon us and the sun shining, the topic of Vitamin D, sun exposure, sun tanning, and sunscreen use keep popping up.

Typically by this point of the year we begin to see "news" articles popping up, telling us of the devil of the sun, to avoid the sun if possible and the need to cover ourselves in sunscreen at all times.

Yet Vitamin D - specifically, LOW levels of Vitamin D - have been directly linked now with over 100 diseases, including no less than 16 cancers.

And what is the number one source for humans for Vitamin D? Made in our bodies via sun exposure to UVB radiation.

Due to a mix of modern lifestyles, living latitudes, and the "conventional advice", I feel very strongly that most people are getting insufficient exposure to sunlight, the ultimate source of Vitamin D in our lives, for both health and happiness.

You have heard me say this often, go get some sun, yet I just had these two on the Athletic Greens Facebook page after I made a comment on getting outside for some Vitamin D:
Dark Chocolate, Cheat Meals, and Cocoa To The Rescue
Follow Hey mate   I hope this finds you better than ever and absolutely rocking in your own focus on happiness.   The weekend is upon us, people are running off for cheat meals left right and center, and I wanted to give you my take on my favorite low guilt, high benefit CHEAT MEAL...
Two Spiced-Up Recipes
Follow   Hey mate, I hope this finds you rocking! As promised in my last post, Five Magic Spices, here are Two Delicious Fat Loss Recipes, all spiced up and ready for action. These are creations of Elisa Ashenden, my little sister, Healthy Chef and total, utter, FOODIE. By utter foodie I mean she LOVES...
/ March 28, 2014 21 Comments
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Vitamin D Action Plan
/ March 13, 2013 10 Comments
Follow By Chris “the Kiwi” Ashenden and Liana Ashenden, PhD.   Hey mate, I hope this finds you better than ever. Imagine a world without the sun. There would be no warm sunshine, no green plants growing, and no vitamin D. We may not be living in an apocalypse right now, but many people ...
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Follow How to Make 2013 The Happiest Year Of Your Life   Hey mate, I hope this finds you better than ever. This is a blog post about your happiness, how to identify what that really means to you, and then go after it. At the end of the year I received this from someone...
8 Simple Tricks You Can Use to Lose FAT This Week – Without Changing A Single Item in Your Diet or Exercise
/ April 21, 2012 36 Comments
Follow Hey mate,   I hope this finds you better than ever and rocking your weekend.   When it comes to FAT LOSS, there are three things that I rate as super important yet the frequent lack of drives me nuts….   1. Sleep, insufficient quantity and quality 2. People drinking ...
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