Hormesis and Hormones – How to Combine Happiness, Chronically Elevated Cortisol, Fat Loss and a “4 Hour Body” Inspired One Week Intervention
Follow   hor·me·sis  noun h?r-?m?-s?s Definition of HORMESIS : a theoretical phenomenon of dose-response relationships in which something (as a heavy metal or ionizing radiation) that produces harmful biological effects at moderate to high doses may produce beneficial effects at low doses from Merriam-Websters Dictionary     Hey mate, I hope this finds you better...
Follow Hey mate, I hope this finds you better than ever and loving the summer weather! In the not too distant future, Athletic Greens and team will be opening a charitable fund related to helping other people. It has been in the pipeline for a long time. It is something that will make me very...
Follow Hey mate,   Hope this finds you better than ever.   I want you to think about something.   What are you doing right now? Seriously, right THIS second?   If someone were to look at your profile right now from side on, what would they see?   Would they see you standing tall,...
How To Eat Carbohydrates Without Getting Fat
Hey mate,

I hope this finds you better than ever. By the end of this long post, you will have a pretty good idea how to answer the following questions:

When should you begin to introduce carbohydrates post workout?

When should you reintroduce a carbohydrate RE FEEDING day?

When should you move off of Food for Fat Loss and alter total protein, fat, and carb ratios to a much higher carbohydrate intake on a daily basis?

You should also understand the following:

Insulin Resistance and what that means for carbohydrate intake

Training demands and what that means for carbohydrate intake

These are important questions that are all going to have an influence on how you feel, how you perform and on how good you can ever look naked, as such there is going to be a fair bit of background.

Let’s get to it.
/ March 28, 2014 21 Comments
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Vitamin D Action Plan
/ March 13, 2013 10 Comments
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8 Simple Tricks You Can Use to Lose FAT This Week – Without Changing A Single Item in Your Diet or Exercise
/ April 21, 2012 36 Comments
Follow Hey mate,   I hope this finds you better than ever and rocking your weekend.   When it comes to FAT LOSS, there are three things that I rate as super important yet the frequent lack of drives me nuts….   1. Sleep, insufficient quantity and quality 2. People drinking ...
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